Mattie Fattie
Mattie Fattie 9 timmar sedan
Yeah I'm out. I'm sure my one unsubscribe won't hurt his bottom line but it's just too much sketch. I was considering buying a rebuilt Ram a couple years ago and these videos were great inspiration to pass on that truck. This is how people rebuild totaled cars and sell them at half the price. Fooling nincompoops into buying something they can't normally afford. It bums me out but I just can't keep watching this. Imagine watching a video of a doctor you're interested in doing a surgery on you and seeing him brutalize patients under sedation and be like "now your butthole farts super loud!" Or "I don't know how to stitch wounds, but it absolutely looks perfect." OR "I did some tasteful mods And didn't 'over do it' fixing your back." And then seeing comments like "hey great video" with subtext: "I don't want to be destroyed on SEcycle so keep it up because most positive comments will say I don't understand his circumstances". I used to love watching videos like this by VTuned, Alex Rebuilds (now defunct and some other dude bro dude channel), Goonzquad and the likes inspired by the guy I've never followed or liked that got internet famous for rebuilding a pizza delivery car and subsequently making headlines for being sued by pizza delivery company. It's all just content good or bad. Everything that used to make me smile is slowly sucking. As soon as something gets popular it turns into doody content. I understand once a tuber becomes popular, there's more hate than love in the comments but there's still a logical reason for it. The more eyeballs you get from car people and gearheads, the more comments on what you're doing is dumb...for lack of a better term. "Let the kid learn and have fun." Yeah I agree. But at this point , with a fully functioning garage, a Maclaren, a paint booth, a CNC table, a comments section and LITERALLY the INTERNET...at what point to we give a pass for fumbling around with things that are safety related and resale. "I bought a VTuned original" isn't going to make that BMW more valuable. If anything, the new owners and insurance companies (including the litigious new owners) who can't wait to sue for negligence.
Marc N
Marc N 9 timmar sedan
Vhack...... Love the vice grips to compress the springs. Love the adjustable wrench on the o2 sensor. Love how he cleans and anti seizes the hubs before installing the wheels. Top notch tech !
Michael Henville
Michael Henville 10 timmar sedan
Is the McLaren done?
stevego48 11 timmar sedan
Where do you get your parts? Link is for insurance
NuAm 11 timmar sedan
Dude what happened to your mclaren?
zurp_and_ flurp
zurp_and_ flurp 12 timmar sedan
Need another McLaren video!
pacho franco
pacho franco 14 timmar sedan
Look new darwinpro bodykit
Ahmed AG
Ahmed AG 15 timmar sedan
Love the video but bro just shave
Deo Persad
Deo Persad 16 timmar sedan
Văidean Thommas
Văidean Thommas 16 timmar sedan
Mc laren ?!!!!
ken harris
ken harris 17 timmar sedan
Have a look on the steering wheel it have the KIWI BIRD of New Zealand
ken harris
ken harris 17 timmar sedan
Hmmmmmmm Bruce McLaren New Zealander racing car driver ,F1 back in the 60 's
Deo Persad
Deo Persad 17 timmar sedan
Awesome 😀👍🏻 thing is it will be a new car when you are finshed 👍🏻👍🏾
Mike G
Mike G 18 timmar sedan
lmao you need to just scrap this whole project.
Jimf 18 timmar sedan
great looking rims ...the spring compressor, not so much
KHAN ZADA 18 timmar sedan
Unspent so much money on this car u will keep it or sell it
Scott Bisi
Scott Bisi 20 timmar sedan
I love that guy at the tire shop hey are you done with that Maserati or with whatever you have LOL
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot 22 timmar sedan
That's a Fine work Mate.
1974mazdarx3sedan 22 timmar sedan
burbles? oh dear.
Johannes G.
Johannes G. Dag sedan
Don't forget to code the new tire diameter into the car!!!
Eldin Dugumovic
Eldin Dugumovic Dag sedan
Where is the M5?
Donald Lee Grim
Donald Lee Grim Dag sedan
Donald Lee Grim
Donald Lee Grim Dag sedan
Anne6621 Dag sedan
what about the center caps on the rims , i have a new set of spring compressors if you want them , just need an address to send it to Mr V -Tuned
kishan palikhe
kishan palikhe Dag sedan
you are gay man to open all it take 5 episode other chanel will do it in 1 episode
philip denner
philip denner Dag sedan
if you lowered it two inches you will need to get another wheel alignment done.
gorge washington
gorge washington Dag sedan
nice job !
Itsjustme Dag sedan
Aren't there some center caps for the wheelS
KSWAPPED EM2 Dag sedan
Lol epa has joined the CAT.... sorry I mean chat... lol don't roast me plz
єlєctrσn¢σммєя¢є Dag sedan
Very nice!
David Blanck
David Blanck Dag sedan
Please dont mention that replacements are "cat delete". Even if you are legal for your state.... this could backfire on you quickly. Just say "cat replacement". It will be better for you in the long run. They are targeting SEcyclers first. Stay safe. Support the RPM act.
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh Dag sedan
That's completely illegal to do. You can't take off the catalytic converter out of it. It's gonna ruin the entire engine.
Boony Tooty
Boony Tooty Dag sedan
The key to chassis stiffness is triangulation of the structural components. Bending tubes for structural rigidity is less effective and creates a very heavy chassis.
anthony romano
anthony romano Dag sedan
Loved this kid in the goonies, glad to see he doesnt need his inhaler anymore.
Jared Grey
Jared Grey Dag sedan
James Bailey
James Bailey Dag sedan
Get a shave, junior.
ZR1 Lucille
ZR1 Lucille Dag sedan
Heads up boss, not a good idea to film this and make it public, considering everything going on with the EPA. Just saying, trying to look out for you. Great vid though
Brains & Gains
Brains & Gains Dag sedan
Bro, looks like you left the MHD configuration option on "Stock DPs". Change that option and see if it gets you some more power!
Brian Juncher
Brian Juncher Dag sedan
sounds like shit,
Alistair Aldridge
Alistair Aldridge Dag sedan
You could lower it more and camber the wheels so they tuck in under the body work. But it looks and sounds great, you showed if I had one I could do this myself! Thanks Great content! The BMW F30 WIDEBODY BASE KIT would look amazing!
Devaprabha T S
Devaprabha T S Dag sedan
What About the 720s
Martha Cass
Martha Cass Dag sedan
What's up with the Mclaren? It's been a while...
William Gurtner
William Gurtner Dag sedan
Vtune said waiting on a few last parts, in the mustang video.
steve ash
steve ash Dag sedan
Did the passenger side piant look off.. To any one else🤔🤔🤔
Eric Thomasz
Eric Thomasz Dag sedan
Not a good teacher. Vicehooks for the springs. 😥
Ralph Ruiters
Ralph Ruiters Dag sedan
The rebuild is very well done. I don't like the hood.. And why putting Continental tires on. I would say Goodyear or Michelin would have been my choice. Far better tires than Contis, just my 2 cents.
Monster KXF
Monster KXF Dag sedan
Awesome job bro 🤘🤘
Ali Awan
Ali Awan Dag sedan
I hope I can get like that one.
Mikey Dag sedan
You should get the f80 m3 rear
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Dag sedan
Should of bought some m style rims
vesna crljenica
vesna crljenica Dag sedan
Salvatore Esquilachi
Salvatore Esquilachi 2 dagar sedan
Wat finish mclaren 720 ??????
Slacker Steve
Slacker Steve 2 dagar sedan
Get some clecoo fastener
Ben Hovell
Ben Hovell 2 dagar sedan
Powder coat or paint the front v brace
jerry henderson
jerry henderson 2 dagar sedan
Imagine a straight piped V12 screaming through that tunnel .
Homero Narvaez
Homero Narvaez 2 dagar sedan
nice !!
Ibruh_Pabz 2 dagar sedan
Samcrac or Tavarish are about to come to the table with offers of purchase.
Bass Cars53
Bass Cars53 2 dagar sedan
You forgot the downpipe gasket on the catless downpipe lol….
2nd Amendment
2nd Amendment 2 dagar sedan
Where is the 720s build at?
David DeMarco
David DeMarco 2 dagar sedan
I pretty much thought you were pretty much done with the 340i and I pretty much had given up on the McLaren which is pretty much why I started watching your channel in the first place then you pretty much start working on some pretty much worthless Mustang build and three videos in you pretty much jump to pretty much a mod video of the 340i pretty much out of the blue. I'm just pretty much looking for continuity or at least some pretty much rhyme or reason....pretty much.
BryDuhBikeGuy 2 dagar sedan
548K Subscribed ! You're really getting to the Million quicker now.Best wishes.
Real Truth
Real Truth 2 dagar sedan
Burbles = Hype beast
terry turk
terry turk 2 dagar sedan
Nice ride
Ronald Moparornocar
Ronald Moparornocar 2 dagar sedan
Nice looking car BMW has always made good looking cars.... running is something different....but I think the EPA will be knocking on your door soon enough I am thinking....crack down is real👍👌✌️
neville butler
neville butler 2 dagar sedan
cant understand why if you have a classy car , you want to have it sounding like a junker , but i suppose i must be getting old !
Bass Cars53
Bass Cars53 2 dagar sedan
Who doesn’t want another 150+ HP For under 1000$ a junker?? It sounds sweet turbo spool and all. A very desirable sound.
Wilson Andrade
Wilson Andrade 2 dagar sedan
Marshall Merriam
Marshall Merriam 2 dagar sedan
They're not rims they are wheels with tires on them it'd make don't say rims it makes you look you know stupid or something don't do that they are wheels OK Wheels
Rab K
Rab K 2 dagar sedan
I know spring compressors are not that expensive would have completed that job faster and safer dude that was very dangerous be patient be safe :-0
David Kelm
David Kelm 2 dagar sedan
Whew ! an easy fix for the Vtune crew
Colin Field
Colin Field 2 dagar sedan
That popping and banging ruins an otherwise nice car.
David Kelm
David Kelm 2 dagar sedan
Very cool build, the pops are annoying and If I were you I wouldn't film any cat delete or any other smog deletes the E.P.A. is cracken down on you tubers heavy fines $$,
Phil Tucker
Phil Tucker 2 dagar sedan
Loving that hood V! Live long and prosper buddy! 👍😊🇬🇧
Kevin Park
Kevin Park 2 dagar sedan
You need a shave bro!
EliteGeeks 2 dagar sedan
" so check this out guys " omg enough already...
Tampa Man
Tampa Man 2 dagar sedan
Cool , I love your channel. Where's the McClaren ?
Hobodeluxe960 2 dagar sedan
I remember the day the warranty was out on my truck I put headers on it and drove to the muffler shop through those exact tunnels with the open headers sounding off. it was great.
wdw2quad 2 dagar sedan
That BMW look's killer, nice job on the whole build.
Mohammed El Sanousi
Mohammed El Sanousi 2 dagar sedan
Is this tuning device can tune my 2018 infiniti q50 red sport ?
RANDALL Foster 2 dagar sedan
the wheels and front lip make your car look killer , wish it was mine
Peter k.
Peter k. 2 dagar sedan
found some parts for your mustang. chattanooga.craigslist.org/cto/d/collegedale-1966-mustang/7339496485.html