Rau 19 timmar sedan
Is everyone driving cars without body panels now? I first watched stradman now it’s like everyone else is.
Sony Bhau
Sony Bhau 21 timme sedan
Congratulations 🥳 Bro
The Man from Epsilon Crucis
The Man from Epsilon Crucis 21 timme sedan
I would keep it gold - white super cars suck
Adam Montana
Adam Montana 21 timme sedan
Love these vids
Ken Baker
Ken Baker 22 timmar sedan
I love this car!
2H80vids 23 timmar sedan
Are these wheels directional? Kinda look like they might be?
JEM MTB 23 timmar sedan
So good, really nice work, looks really cool as it is! haha.
Boyan Tringov
Boyan Tringov 23 timmar sedan
Hope, you can race it with the goonzquads Ferrari ...!
Music is Life
Music is Life Dag sedan
720s. The s stands for Rat!!
Robin Szemeti
Robin Szemeti Dag sedan
Factory torques? Nah, we'll just use a rattle gun, close enough. Always going to be a dog as it is way too messed with, some poor guy is going to end up buying this.
Santiago Cardenas
Santiago Cardenas Dag sedan
Yo at the beginning is that a Nissan Tsuru?
Frank Woodall
Frank Woodall Dag sedan
Vtuned deserves all the smoke. Absolutly killin it man! Keep the content coming!
iTry Sniping VC
iTry Sniping VC Dag sedan
You're awesome man wish my life was like yours I love cars you're hard work is inspiring
Money Mon
Money Mon Dag sedan
Robert Lonski
Robert Lonski Dag sedan
Ben -- You totally rock, it must feel really great to hear that motor running. More content like this, vTuned is the best auto vlog on SEcycle.
Sean Soriano
Sean Soriano Dag sedan
Cant wait to see the before and after shots! Good work man! Awesome!
Car Jolly
Car Jolly Dag sedan
Btw why don't you make a transparent mclaren?
Car Jolly
Car Jolly Dag sedan
People new here: surprised by the video and its quality Surprised that this channel only has 0.5m subs...... I think you deserve way mooore subscibers than 0.5m
Howard Rice
Howard Rice Dag sedan
Howard Rice
Howard Rice Dag sedan
Daanng Son good body work.
Car Jolly
Car Jolly Dag sedan
Mclaren 720S Craftman-ship limited editiom 1/1
Phil McKrakin
Phil McKrakin Dag sedan
Damn... vTuned basically rebuilt this car bumper to bumper. He's pretty much a certified McLaren technician at this point.
John Menna
John Menna Dag sedan
“Pretty stupid design but it works”😂😆You absolutely deserve to own a super car, maybe later you can help Freddie piece his together
Brian Dale
Brian Dale Dag sedan
If all you vtunned fan want to see another great channel check out Vasily builds after you watch this.
Don R
Don R Dag sedan
I think you have to rebleed those brakes using computer to activate the abs system
Simon Blunden
Simon Blunden Dag sedan
Simply the sickest, most bad ass rebuild on SEcycle ever. Period
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Dag sedan
Thanks Simon !
Baba Booey
Baba Booey Dag sedan
Who are the 114 people who don't like this guy? Hard working, talented dude! Playa hata's!!!
Skip'n the C's
Skip'n the C's Dag sedan
Gotta say pup. more sensible than I thought. No donut. Lame bro lame. You didn't ya. I knew it.👍
Oliver S.
Oliver S. Dag sedan
Great job guys!!!
The plugs are the same you think that’s strange oke !! Let mee tel you bro if you need to change something that’s a problem when something is good you don’t need to change it not so strange after all right ? 😂👌
Machiavelli III
Machiavelli III Dag sedan
Good 2 go tyre shop didn't teach well. Always torque wheel bolts in a star pattern Ben.
Edd Bayes
Edd Bayes Dag sedan
Excellent subject but slow down your speech and be more distinct. I have trouble sometimes understanding your point. Thnx. It was only constructive criticism. ,
Walter gonzalez
Walter gonzalez Dag sedan
Aun que sea tiene la tapa de combustible no como el Alfredo jajajajjaa
paulie98vr6 Dag sedan
Very happy for you, Ben! Although I really wish you would paint the car orange with the black wheels and carbon lol. Oh well, happy for you nonetheless. I’ve watched so many of your videos and I keep saying I need to buy one of those Milwaukee impact drivers you’re using all the time. I got a Milwaukee grinder recently to work on the e30, but that driver looks like it makes quick work of pretty much any bolt, even lugs.
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson Dag sedan
EPIC BUILD deffo 👍
Sel Dag sedan
Congratulations on reaching an epic milestone! 👏👏 You mentioned it's going to be painted gold, but thought you were leaning towards Grey in an earlier episode?
Alan Pirouet
Alan Pirouet Dag sedan
Sweet rebuild and you have some talent, One thing i need to know, do Do the cops not bother about cars being driven looking like that?? Here in the UK we would be banned from driving for being caught on the roads with a car looking like that, Keep up the great work.
Wayne Sitarz
Wayne Sitarz Dag sedan
Alt sense wire or dash charge light is not hooked up?
Harold Kirkland
Harold Kirkland Dag sedan
That's a great aclishment good luck
Aaron Ramirez
Aaron Ramirez Dag sedan
Vtuned is the MAN
Neo M
Neo M Dag sedan
This man right here has shown skills of high level over and over again and now he's taken it to another level and his patience with this car is amazing, great work taking it easy nut for nut, clamp for clamp, panel for panel. He makes a mistake, he giggles, owns up to it and on with the job. Much respect to you Sir. Keep growing boss. Much love from South Africa❤️🇿🇦🙌🏾
Marcelo Urrutia
Marcelo Urrutia Dag sedan
Amazing job...
abhishek yadav
abhishek yadav Dag sedan
It’s fucking awesome to see this beast on road, was waiting from 5 months to see this beast roaring on the roads.
Pikec Tuning
Pikec Tuning Dag sedan
U got a chance to get rid of that absolutely worse color McLaren offered... But as I can see , it looks like you're about to blow it... While tavarish is hopefully doing a good job...
Brian Samuel
Brian Samuel Dag sedan
I'd love to do this for a living!
Evan Dean
Evan Dean Dag sedan
i like how he can find mclaren parts, but i can’t find a goddamn fender for my 02 wrx
Brian Samuel
Brian Samuel Dag sedan
Finishing the mustang build?
Bruningable Dag sedan
Change the color of the wheels. That dark BMW M silver/grey tone looks great!
Dean Allison
Dean Allison Dag sedan
Very cool! Great job so far!
Peter Butcher
Peter Butcher Dag sedan
Have to give this guy some serious credit.
yu mi be ach
yu mi be ach Dag sedan
Damn, I can't even put my Rubik's cube back together!!
Kyle De Guzman
Kyle De Guzman Dag sedan
What happened to this car? It's been 8 months
arsh singh
arsh singh Dag sedan
Nardo grey
Carl Kwasnjuk
Carl Kwasnjuk Dag sedan
Leave it AS IS and call it The Skeleton.
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot Dag sedan
Oh Man That's Awesome. Many don't realize how difficult is to Sand those doors Without Flattening the Edges. Well done.
Tokkico s.s
Tokkico s.s Dag sedan
awesome good job bro I love it
Albert G
Albert G Dag sedan
Oh my gosh so much soap in the tire in a mclaren smh smh
Albert G
Albert G Dag sedan
That is definitely not bleeding the brakes at all. You would have needed to bleed all brakes and make sure of no tiny bubbles in the lines. Whoever ends up with this mclaren is going to need to have it service it again
Levi Zurch
Levi Zurch Dag sedan
Love it!!!! Great job on the build 😊
facundo madrigal
facundo madrigal Dag sedan
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot Dag sedan
Great Fit
Ray Shutsa
Ray Shutsa Dag sedan
What a super job you did on the build 👍👍
Magic Elrobertos
Magic Elrobertos Dag sedan
That's the Alien Spaceship 👽and I love it!
Brian Covel
Brian Covel Dag sedan
Awesome job getting there
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis Dag sedan
Fantastic to see this beast on the street! Awesome build so far!
Paul Echols
Paul Echols Dag sedan
Hahaha love the popcorn watching paint dry line🤠
Richard Scarlett
Richard Scarlett Dag sedan
exhaust sure is smoking considerably
Ulford Dag sedan
Man, do you know what you done? You have totally rebuilt a McLaren and made it work! I only have one word for you, outstanding!
Nathaniel Gould
Nathaniel Gould Dag sedan
What a great piece of work to finally get the Mclaren back on the road again, NICE👍🚘💖
Michael Richards
Michael Richards Dag sedan
Like I said in the beginning you got this she looks awesome 👍🏾
patrick grace
patrick grace Dag sedan
Fantastic job! Love it
Merin's Artistry
Merin's Artistry Dag sedan
tazfaninafocus Dag sedan
Where is the use of torque wrench for everything? I am sure McLaren doesn't just tighten things up with power tools and guess about how tight they are. Wheels, frame rails, undertray, etc etc etc will all need to be tightened to a specification.
Jarne Leyseele
Jarne Leyseele Dag sedan
Day 6 of asking to paint it nardo gray with orange accents
Saikat Ghosh
Saikat Ghosh Dag sedan
Lets recall the day when this car arrived the garage broke ❤️
Thorsten Fuchs
Thorsten Fuchs Dag sedan
Paul B
Paul B Dag sedan
Love to see you driving the McLaren, It is coming along in leaps & bounds. over the moon for U 👍👍👍🤙✌
Dan _
Dan _ Dag sedan
Insane rebuild! 5 months of work. I hope you keep this for your own fun, bruh
Rick Rasterdly
Rick Rasterdly Dag sedan
Proper British steel....oh and fiberglass! Best build on SEcycle period, no slinky Japanese parts were used on this build!!!
Duro Novak
Duro Novak Dag sedan
How the hell do you remember where everything goes? I can’t even remember where I put my glasses from 5min ago let alone remembering where all those parts go after 5 months