The BMW 340i Is Back on the Road
Joe Espinoza
Joe Espinoza 2 timmar sedan
Welcome back! Hope you got the rest you were needing.
Crownfield820 2 timmar sedan
Yeah, make a video on that Bimmer! That’s how you keep your audience dude!
Brent Loverti
Brent Loverti 2 timmar sedan
Part of the what? The eye contact was hilarious.
Wynand Rautenbach
Wynand Rautenbach 3 timmar sedan
Finally 👏👏 welcome back
Crownfield820 3 timmar sedan
Great job so far but I’m concerned if he can get the gaps back to factory
Chris Brown
Chris Brown 3 timmar sedan
Listen to your inner voice man .... if it feels right - then it is .... You have some awesome projects going on but look after yourself .... Wish you all the luck in the world bro.
Peter Day
Peter Day 3 timmar sedan
Probably not a coincidence that you met a new friend when the mind really needed a break from the Mclaren. Take time off and enjoy life! The final stages of the big projects can feel like grueling slog. Once the batteries are recharged, it's about staying focused on just one step at a time. And then, a guy's finished! You are doing a great job. Very enjoyable watching the process. Thanks for sharing.
buddhi gurung
buddhi gurung 3 timmar sedan
Welcome back!! Vtuned😍😍😍.. it’s almost done 🏎🏎🏎💨💨💨🤍🤍🤍🖤🖤🖤👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Lando W.
Lando W. 3 timmar sedan
Clear out and de-clutter the stressors in your life. Those projects (Mustang, old BMW) that create the most angst, just sell them (or part them out). You can't please everyone or live up to others' expectations. 👍
prezto74 3 timmar sedan
It's part of the PROCESS Vtuned...😁
Gear Scar
Gear Scar 4 timmar sedan
You're doing great Ben!
Matthew Dooley
Matthew Dooley 4 timmar sedan
First off congratulations on having someone new in your life & taking some time to spend with them. Also glad to see you took some time for yourself as well, I could see in your videos that you were getting burned out & needed a break from everything. Nothing like a good not only physical break but also more importantly a mental break as well; you do look well rested & refreshed. I would enjoy seeing both builds, the BMW & the truck as well. Welcome back brother.
Poorhouse Racing
Poorhouse Racing 4 timmar sedan
Im sure your faithful followers would watch a video of you sweeping the floor, so yes video all your projects and post them.
Bandido Bandicoot
Bandido Bandicoot 4 timmar sedan
I’ve come to really respect and appreciate your honesty and humility. So refreshing to see in a person of your talents and youth. You are amazing to watch. Keep producing, we’ll keep watching…
HowdyDousy 4 timmar sedan
Good to see you back look like you could do with another week off bro but good to see you back still...whas up with that 'part of the process' thing??...stay strong bro God bless🙏🏽 Oh...seeing you bring that new BMW build back to life is why we here but it's all good whatever you decide👍🏽
Aditya Sasank
Aditya Sasank 4 timmar sedan
Feeling sad that your Editor quit. That editor did an AMAZING job ♥️. Hopefully you'll find an other amazing editor. I'll be honest, this video didn't have that touch that the old editor used to give 😬
Don Switzer
Don Switzer 4 timmar sedan
Welcome back vtune keep up the good work
Nick Shoemaker
Nick Shoemaker 4 timmar sedan
You think you could get that door run with a buffer, extension and a 2 inch wheel? I ran into something similar and was able to hide it using 3m 3000grit pads and a foam interface.
Rudy Rogmans
Rudy Rogmans 4 timmar sedan
What I want to know is why the truck bed was off your RAM and what happened
Rudy Rogmans
Rudy Rogmans 4 timmar sedan
Leave all the sensors black they look great! Glad to see you back.
Neil Ramasamy
Neil Ramasamy 5 timmar sedan
Gud to have u back bro. Can't wait for move videos.
Dom 7
Dom 7 5 timmar sedan
Make a video def. We Love your work and BMW !!!
Frédéric Bergugnat
Frédéric Bergugnat 5 timmar sedan
Good to get some updates. thanks
That One Repair Guy
That One Repair Guy 5 timmar sedan
I don’t think that far ahead sometimes haha
bon giovi
bon giovi 5 timmar sedan
You are such a good young man, whatever happens in life even if you dont know how and why stay strong never give up, proud of you!
Jimmy Kucera
Jimmy Kucera 5 timmar sedan
What’s happening with the Smart ForTwo???
Liam 6 timmar sedan
Great to see your back!
Deej 6 timmar sedan
Good to see you back mate, Please keep the BMW builds coming.. Especially the white 435i GC ❤️
Terry Baptist
Terry Baptist 6 timmar sedan
Give me break Give me break break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.😁
Banu Tudosie
Banu Tudosie 6 timmar sedan
Yes for BMW rescue !
Ron Morris
Ron Morris 6 timmar sedan
I'd like to see the BMW build.
steve_kemp70 6 timmar sedan
It's good to take a break, good for the mental health, great to see you back, and just watching your videos I don't care what car you are working on 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘
Paul Farrelley
Paul Farrelley 6 timmar sedan
Bring on another BMW video!
dermot Mc Loughlin
dermot Mc Loughlin 6 timmar sedan
Thanks for the update! You keep taking your break and post when you feel like it. What you do is hard enough without recording it and being criticized by every halfwit on the internet. Relax and enjoy life for a while 👍
David Yap
David Yap 6 timmar sedan
Great to see you back charged up.
Pop-ll Fixit
Pop-ll Fixit 6 timmar sedan
Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your break... Probably not a bad thing your previous editor quit, the production quality in this video is much better than previous videos... except for that one little "triple take" in the middle there...
Robert Prout
Robert Prout 7 timmar sedan
Even from the factory McLarens fit and finish isn’t really that great. I think the viewers are interested in watching you repair any vehicles. It’s the nature of the beast lol thanks for sharing 👍 yesireebob
kenshinflyer 7 timmar sedan
Well, things like that happen, and a break usually is a good thing to do to refresh a bit. Glad to hear from you after a long time!
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 7 timmar sedan
Good to see you back bro ...just have to button up all of those 1percenters and the white knight is king of the road. Good on ya mate.....from Melbourne Australia 👍
bear 7 timmar sedan
just like the mustang build no problem with being worn out. a break makes ya stronger. and hope your editor finds something good
Bohumil Pinces
Bohumil Pinces 7 timmar sedan
Nice to see you back Vtuned! Thumbs up for the BMW videos
David Barnsley
David Barnsley 7 timmar sedan
The car is looking good 👍, good to have a break otherwise you just burn out 👍👍
Jos van Gorkum
Jos van Gorkum 7 timmar sedan
You’re back!
Pedro Martins
Pedro Martins 8 timmar sedan
Do a video on the BMW!
Michael Small
Michael Small 8 timmar sedan
Dude, people will literally watch anything.... I mean people watch other people eat food for god sakes... So why wouldn't people want to watch you build another BMW???? Bring it on bro. If you post it, they'll come...... LoL
Howard Rowlands
Howard Rowlands 8 timmar sedan
Great content, but you are doing what happens to any rebuild ,it’s never finished. That’s what I thought you were about and loved . Get it finished down to the last detail and show us your brill attention to detail. Sad ending to leave it not 100% finished. Lost interest in watching if you drift away from it.
Arne Hagfors
Arne Hagfors 8 timmar sedan
looking 4 to see more of your mustang build
stitch craftoora
stitch craftoora 8 timmar sedan
Good to see you back mate, I was waiting for your video
Gareth Edwards
Gareth Edwards 8 timmar sedan
Great to see you back Vtuned and you deserved the break. Can't wait to see you driving the McLaren 😁
Jov D
Jov D 8 timmar sedan
you can tell the video quality is different from the past videos. Still great to have you back.
R3Rid3r 8 timmar sedan
That’s good to have you back bro🤙🏻👍🏻
E E 8 timmar sedan
vTuned, it may be possible to have the good headlight “white light” scanned to create a 3D printable piece to replace the broken part of the headlight. Acrylic can be solvent welded to produce an invisible seam…
Simon Rogers
Simon Rogers 8 timmar sedan
Don't be so hard on your self, great content
SexyFitFirst 8 timmar sedan
Just film everything you do to your car and upload them.
Kent Baio
Kent Baio 9 timmar sedan
I like to see you working on a BMW I'm kind of new to this channel I think I'm going to like it a lot
Dale Duntin
Dale Duntin 9 timmar sedan
why not long TIME NO SEE glad too see YOU
EddieK0027 9 timmar sedan
Love it when the new camera man at 2:18 quietly laughs “We might have to drop a brick 🧱 on the hood to hold in place” 😂 😆 😂 Got to love it,
Boony Tooty
Boony Tooty 9 timmar sedan
Keep the faith man. I do feel for you the the same after this pandemic and restrictions on life! Car is looking awesome!
Jason Seal
Jason Seal 9 timmar sedan
All work and no play makes vtuned a dull boy. Build the bmw, why not??
Terra Nos Olhos
Terra Nos Olhos 9 timmar sedan
Sometimes you need to have a brake man. Welcome back and lets go!
travis rowe
travis rowe 9 timmar sedan
I like how you dont bs around. You tell it how it is.
Yolo 9 timmar sedan
please man i love BMW builds
Panos Kranidiotis
Panos Kranidiotis 9 timmar sedan
Welcome back man! What about the old mustang?
Rafael Valenzuela
Rafael Valenzuela 9 timmar sedan
"It's just part of the pro it's just part of the product"
Michal Dolana
Michal Dolana 9 timmar sedan
Welcome back! What happened with BMW E30 project?
wrxsubaru02 9 timmar sedan
Dont be afraid to try something different. Different editor, different style of editing, different type of project. Taking on too many projects can become pretty stressful and overwhelming, so dont take on too much work at once. I mean u could take a damn vacation and film that too.
ramaseshan R
ramaseshan R 9 timmar sedan
Welcome back bro!!!!
Josh Triplett
Josh Triplett 9 timmar sedan
Love your content man, if you film the BM, I'll certainly enjoy it. Glad you got a break, but also glad you're back!
Stephen Fillingham
Stephen Fillingham 9 timmar sedan
Stay strong and welcome back. It's good to know that you are looking after yourself and recognise when you need to take time out.
alan paulick
alan paulick 9 timmar sedan
Happy that you had a break and ready to share your rebuilds once again Peace to you and your family
Derangd 333
Derangd 333 9 timmar sedan
If you build it we will watch
Pascal Vos
Pascal Vos 10 timmar sedan
Make a video dude always
Danny Oliveira
Danny Oliveira 10 timmar sedan
Welcome back brother, hope to see some great builds.
Tom Lauda
Tom Lauda 10 timmar sedan
Glad you're back ! But man, you still looked tired af. We can tell this 720s took you a lot of energy. What you have done with it is mind blowing, it's the most impressive build i've seen, absolutely incredible ! When you're done with it, it will be a joy ! But if you need more rest, take it. We will still be here when you return.
Pascal Vos
Pascal Vos 10 timmar sedan
vTuned focus dude !!!
jacksonvile12345678 10 timmar sedan
He’s alive???
Journeytomydreamcars 10 timmar sedan
He's turned this car into a master piece 👏
shane stuart
shane stuart 10 timmar sedan
Glad your back mate.