Fixing the FRAME Damage on the BMW M5 F90 - Episode 5

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►Hey Guys , In todays videos we fix the frame damage on the BMW M5 F90!
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vTuned garage
vTuned garage Månad sedan
(Enter at for your chance to win a Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5 and VIP exclusive all-access to a Formula Drift event and support a great cause. Use our promo code VTUNED150 to receive 150 additional entries.)
Goonzquadgtr Gtr
Goonzquadgtr Gtr Månad sedan
so that it happens like evanshark that you had to buy shirts to earn the gtr and his friend earned it if of course I no longer eat if you sell the white gtr that you have in the workshop
Goonzquadgtr Gtr
Goonzquadgtr Gtr Månad sedan
so that it happens like evanshark that you had to buy shirts to earn the gtr and his friend earned it if of course I no longer eat if you sell the white gtr that you have in the workshop
David Ruvolo
David Ruvolo Månad sedan
@Silent Hill Farms you stole my first ever SEcycle comment ever but are also my first reply :)
Silent Hill Farms
Silent Hill Farms Månad sedan
Why did you say the dudes name was JAY ARE instead of Junior? Reading the sponsor copy exactly from a script
The SearcherMan
The SearcherMan Månad sedan
I hear it’s pretty hard to find a wife these days unless you own a helicopter. Just sayin dude......
Nef 19 dagar sedan
You know this video is gonna be good when you get to see some ass crack right off the start.
tea zirakadze
tea zirakadze 24 dagar sedan
BWM 🇬🇪🇬🇪🤘🤘🤘
Diego Aramburu
Diego Aramburu Månad sedan
I really enjoy watching when you do some framework. You are a craftmaster man. Congratulation!
Dilan Nader
Dilan Nader Månad sedan
U talk alot
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Månad sedan
Thanks sir
Penultimate_P Månad sedan
looks like you installed the hood insulation backwards / inside out? the ///M is not oriented correctly?
Haydn Nuss
Haydn Nuss Månad sedan
Great watching these builds, but please get yourself some safety goggles, you cant replace eyes like you can vehicle components.
Hasan Amir
Hasan Amir Månad sedan
Im waiting you to screw up and replace the factory wheels and ruin the car
Aaron Hines
Aaron Hines Månad sedan
Hahahaha “I’m just going to take my time and get this unscrewed.”... immediately brings out the grinding wheel and takes the head off
Francois R.
Francois R. Månad sedan
I cant beleave a kid fix a smash on a hundred thousand $ without measuring nothing, dismantled prior to pull, no experienced bodyman would do work like that! Sorry but it's a shame! But, instead of doing lots of mistakes, you have a good base . By the way, I'm a body repair and repainting teacher for 30 years. No big deal: first, clean, measure, install on frame machine, pull, then fit parts... and about the clockspring... you didn't change it, why? when a steering wheel airbag blow, you have to change it! Same the srs computer, reset or change... lots of short cut. wouldn't buy this car.
Chris Ogle
Chris Ogle Månad sedan
I'll never forget the time one of those wire wheels caught an edge of a beam and went into my stomach. Worst day ever!!! PPE !!!
Dookie Butt
Dookie Butt Månad sedan
Dude cuts NO corners
madmatt2024 Månad sedan
I don't understand why this car was totaled in the first place. In parts and labor he isn't even at 50% of its value.
Badhabbit Gaming
Badhabbit Gaming Månad sedan
Banging brother!
JORDAN Vargovich
JORDAN Vargovich Månad sedan
When are ya getting back to the Stang lol?
That HOTGUY Månad sedan
When will it's 6th Episode come?
That HOTGUY Månad sedan
Yeah please upload that wanna see this bad boy running on the roads..
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Månad sedan
pawilson1978 Månad sedan
Therapy watching this. 😂👍💪👏🏆
Juan Manuel Catarineu
Juan Manuel Catarineu Månad sedan
Saludos desde Argentina!!!!
Addicted Haunter
Addicted Haunter Månad sedan
What happened to the mustang build?
Adonis Romero M
Adonis Romero M Månad sedan
I'm still waiting for the custom mustang. Like if you too!
Marciaus007 Månad sedan
This is the top man!
Joel Movundlela
Joel Movundlela Månad sedan
who lays down those beats, though....??? damn
вася иванов
вася иванов Månad sedan
VIN заклей потом работай)...
Rocket Trader
Rocket Trader Månad sedan
Bro I hope you get to 4million subscribers. Always great videos.
David DZ
David DZ Månad sedan 我們鄭重聲明:所有參加過共產黨與共產黨其它組織的 (被邪惡打上獸的印記的)人,趕快退出,抹去邪惡的印記。一旦誰對這個魔教清算時,大紀元儲存的記錄可以為聲明退出共產黨和共產黨其它組織的人作證。天網恢恢,善惡分明;苦海有邊,生死一念。曾被歷史上最邪惡的魔教所欺騙的人,曾被邪惡打上獸的印記的人,請抓住這稍縱即逝的良機!方法一:到大紀元網站右上角的退黨區退黨團隊。方法二:用化名寫上自願退出中共黨團隊組織並張貼在合法區域。也請告訴您在中國大陸的一些朋友用:短波收音機在6~8MHz這個頻段就可以收聽到希望之聲24小時的華語廣播。 9999999997777777777666688889955551
John Were
John Were Månad sedan
That intro music though
stuart morton
stuart morton Månad sedan
You’re gonna take an eye one day
System11 YT
System11 YT Månad sedan
Bonnet and hinge alignment took the most time on my Fiat 500 I rebuilt. Even though it's small enough to carry and fit with one person it's the number of adjustments, test closes, readjustments etc. Took me days before I was happy. It was my first rebuild but the actual repair work was way easier. You made that look painless.
Damon Black
Damon Black Månad sedan
Some really good background music selections. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
MontalbanJR Månad sedan
This dude knows a good gap when he sees it.
Dan P.
Dan P. Månad sedan
a 10 mm socket works on those weird bolts, theyre used to screw in a aluminum panel
Mike Månad sedan
Can we all appreciate that dudes out here still making car content when all these other channels have apparently turned into home renovation shows?
P H I L L Y 7 5
P H I L L Y 7 5 Månad sedan
You guys do such an amazing job.
Stan Tate
Stan Tate Månad sedan
Bruh, wear your PPE
Chad Bmw
Chad Bmw Månad sedan
Best build ! 👍
REPZ06 Månad sedan
Looking good... hard work 🇺🇸💪🏻
Plumbaman13 Månad sedan
You should take the strings out of your hoodie or at least tuck them in you’re gonna stick your head down near the drill bit , if one gets sucked into the bit you’re gonna have a bad day
Safa Al-Nashy
Safa Al-Nashy Månad sedan
Wham Bam 🤣
Dutch Parisien
Dutch Parisien Månad sedan
Palos got me here and I love it ✌️
Simon Blunden
Simon Blunden Månad sedan
Everything in life feels good when Vtuned’s panels line up
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia Månad sedan
What is the song name that starts at minute 14?
new mac
new mac Månad sedan
The dude helping you looks like one of the guys that were chasing Liam Neeson in Taken
Michael Soremekun
Michael Soremekun Månad sedan
Love the vids. Protect your knees!
Adventurer The Guy
Adventurer The Guy Månad sedan
That seam sealer on the leg is a shambles lol
Adventurer The Guy
Adventurer The Guy Månad sedan
@vTuned garage id have done the same
vTuned garage
vTuned garage Månad sedan
Lol it’s supposed to do it’s job the other side looks kinda the same
Mcq Cjc
Mcq Cjc Månad sedan
Jim Nastyc
Jim Nastyc Månad sedan
Your shop is subject to OSHA regulations regarding eye and ear protection! Numerous of these and other violations are noted in your videos. I suggest you get into compliance before someone reports you. I worked at a company that was written up for employee restroom cleanliness! Remember, video evidence exists so you won't have any defense!!
Fearless Fosdick
Fearless Fosdick Månad sedan
The under hood barcode you took such pains to retain got covered by the insulation pad.
Donald Williams
Donald Williams Månad sedan
Whenever I have a specialty screw like that , I'll turn it into a straight slot screw with a 1/16 inch cut off wheel on the mini grinder , and unscrew with a screwdriver
Gerard O'Driscoll
Gerard O'Driscoll Månad sedan
Grinder guard a face shield and gloves 😳😳😳😳😳😳 I can’t watch any more it’s so dangerous without very very very basic PPE 😳😳😳😳😳
Adrian Junie
Adrian Junie Månad sedan
Greeting from Germany Broo, if you need german parts just hit me up ,im doing the same work like you ✌ Cars forever
patrick grace
patrick grace Månad sedan
Great job!
Richard Ni
Richard Ni Månad sedan
I'm wondering what is gonna happen to bmw cars 10yrs later since they were glued together?
Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer Månad sedan
I have made this comment before but watching you makes my back and knees hurt. When do you plan on getting a work bench. Ouch.
paul sti
paul sti Månad sedan
Who else feels sorry for his knees? Awesome rebuild! We love it. Take care of yourself though, get some mats or something on the concrete before crawling on your knees! 👍🏻
Richrd Lewis
Richrd Lewis Månad sedan
Where is the rest of the Mclaren vid?
504 Owner Official
504 Owner Official Månad sedan
can i have some support on my channel thank you all and welcome
Alan 49
Alan 49 Månad sedan
Please ensure that you wear eye protection when grinding or drilling! you only get one set of eyes!!
A2K Månad sedan
2160p. Now we talking. 😎
Rahmat Fitrianto
Rahmat Fitrianto Månad sedan
15:57 whose song is this?
Greg Countiss
Greg Countiss Månad sedan
Please ..........If you build a house please do not post video on this channel ................!!!
Davey May
Davey May Månad sedan
Great work on the BMW Vtuned
l S
l S Månad sedan
Great job, always thought out carefully..
girenloland Månad sedan
Calm down man, no need to scream at the camera. The microphone picks your voice up just fine
jagraj7870 Månad sedan
Keep up the great work, check out the BAGGED Jeep Gladiator Dually we are building on my page!!
none ofyourbiz
none ofyourbiz Månad sedan
Subscribed! Awsome work bro!!
PPH Månad sedan
Nice to see a return of vTuned to fix a body repair - looked like a simple fix for his skill levels this time - 👍
angel rivera
angel rivera Månad sedan
Kool men
Joshua Rivera
Joshua Rivera Månad sedan
Where's the McLaren?
Jeka Grizzly
Jeka Grizzly Månad sedan
Speaks a lot
HypeShoesReview German
HypeShoesReview German Månad sedan
Here is a petition for vTuned Garage to get their own Netflix episode!
Sean Donohoe
Sean Donohoe Månad sedan
Yep! Vtuned killing it again ! Certainly made Tvarish jump to it and get on with his McLaren !
Envy_ Digital
Envy_ Digital Månad sedan
Your work ethic is relentless dude! So happy for you and your success. Keep up the great content.
Garip Satin
Garip Satin Månad sedan
alan paulick
alan paulick Månad sedan
Thank you for the video starting to look a bit more complete
Jayesh Raju
Jayesh Raju Månad sedan
Filipe young
Filipe young Månad sedan
nossa America é outro Nível!.. eu estou em Africa so vendo voces ! meu sonho é um dia viver nos estados unidos... muito bom a recuperação deste BMW
hugoausbayern1234 Månad sedan
as always gr8 high quality work. Slowly time for a dream Garage Build!!!
Filip Laštro
Filip Laštro Månad sedan
Why silver grill? ....
Josh Heiser
Josh Heiser Månad sedan
Bro, get an electric rivet gun. You don’t need to be struggling like that.
S Giant
S Giant Månad sedan
16:50 Why will you paint glue/epoxy, rather than beading it?
Kevin Ellsworth
Kevin Ellsworth Månad sedan
drives me crazy that you leave everything so dirty
Danilo Pamintuan
Danilo Pamintuan Månad sedan
That is so quick but compacted like all the works you made all good and neat, next vid could be a burn spin though
peter greek
peter greek Månad sedan
4 summer tyres for the winter?
Kaan Berat KAYAN
Kaan Berat KAYAN Månad sedan
Bmw love❤️❤️
Travis Manley
Travis Manley Månad sedan
golancation Månad sedan
Omaze is a fraud!
Danny Oliveira
Danny Oliveira Månad sedan
vTuned is the man your awesome brother.👍🏻💯
Andrew Meadows
Andrew Meadows Månad sedan
Great to see the talented third of goonsquad got his own channel 😉.
Frank White
Frank White Månad sedan
Yo V/T...I hope to see you drive this bad mother after it done........yous a bad your thang Playboy.
. Månad sedan
11:45 whats the name of that tool holding stuff together?
Horacio Torres
Horacio Torres Månad sedan
many many episodes for a junk 😒😒
Витя Кулик
Витя Кулик Månad sedan
бро. ты же руский ?
Marc Månad sedan
Don't understand that your daddy didn't teach you how to hold a hammer. It is not without reason that it has a long handle.
Paul Marquis
Paul Marquis Månad sedan
Jeez, every time you start these videos you make me friggen jump out of my skin when you come up and yell like that. I love that interior in the BMW. Those seats look awesome.
Abhijeet Månad sedan
Don't pull rhe video so much to have few unsubscribers.
Grant Piper
Grant Piper Månad sedan
How do you get the seem sealer to look factory on top like that? Can u add a link to the product you use?
Marc Månad sedan
Nice M5
SirWhiteCrayon Månad sedan
Great video... but JR is not pronounced "JR" it's Junior. 🤣
Hookah Phene
Hookah Phene Månad sedan
That rivet tool looks dangerous lol
OldSlowGamer Månad sedan
Why waste your time on a BMW? When you're done, it'll still be just a BMW...and one with a branded title. A car to be avoided at all costs, because it WILL cost you to own it.
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