LS Engine Mounted In My BMW E30 (TIME FOR PAINT) - Episode 9

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vTuned garage

5 månader sedan

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Hey guys in todays video we are finally mounting the engine To the car ! Enjoy
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vTuned garage
vTuned garage 5 månader sedan
"Get 20% off your adapter with code "vtunedgarage" until 15 Dec! Check our Carly here:
Robert Klasson
Robert Klasson 4 månader sedan
Thanks for the discount vTuned, worked like a charm 😉
Prolific Lamb, Sent By Hymn Godspeed.
Prolific Lamb, Sent By Hymn Godspeed. 5 månader sedan
@speedsterwinston Are you sure it’s not the constant eco that happens every time one of them speaks?? haha, I had to move on too-
David G
David G 5 månader sedan
the code isn't working
R 5 månader sedan
Hey V, I did purchase Carly and used a discount code. However, what is never mentioned is you must pay an annual subscription of 60 euros to use the app. Otherwise, you can only access very basic diagnosis tools. I get it, it's not that expensive, but they are wrong for not advertising it when you purchase the Carly OBDII Chip.
rolocz 5 månader sedan
No captions anymore?
J R 20 dagar sedan
update coming?
Amit Mishra
Amit Mishra 2 månader sedan
What’s going on with this build? Scrapped?
F_vit 4 månader sedan FIST START VQ30DET IN BMW E30
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda 4 månader sedan
Does anyone else thing that CNC machine is just a big waste of time. It takes longer to type everything, than it would take to trace and use the grinder. just my thought
Anthony Brancaccio
Anthony Brancaccio 4 månader sedan
When we getting a update on the mustang
David Lindsey
David Lindsey 4 månader sedan
i think i like the BMW project more then the McLaren
Jose Castro
Jose Castro 4 månader sedan
Excellent video,damn you have some great skills I couldn't stop watch this video
Christian Mikkelsen
Christian Mikkelsen 5 månader sedan
More commercials than true work 😤
Scott Thorpe
Scott Thorpe 5 månader sedan
Far out this guys family must have some money based on the stuff they own and buy, plus all the materials that gets used or wasted.
Trap Johnson
Trap Johnson 5 månader sedan
Beemer was out for blood, going for your foot like that ;)
Chesky S.
Chesky S. 5 månader sedan
Congrats on half a millie🥳!!
Gordy 5 månader sedan
Safety glasses... check em out.
TT Innovations
TT Innovations 5 månader sedan
cut out some V-Tuned bottle opener and sell them, let that table make money for you, get a sheet of stainless steel, also a tumbler machine to polish parts after you cut it out =)
TT Innovations
TT Innovations 5 månader sedan
instead of la-Git , its Va-Git , that table is awesome, time to make and sell wheel spacers and special V-Tuned Exhaust Systems =)
Jimf 5 månader sedan
btw, the guys at Might Car Mods are also doing an LS into E30 BMW swap...they have sourced an oil pan and pickup that you can buy and an appropriate gearbox...
Nick Cooper
Nick Cooper 5 månader sedan
Some one playing dungeons and dragons, cutting out swords and shields?🤣🤣🤣. With that long straight edge you can add a 20-30mm extra then do a hit and miss cut cut along the original width line. So leave 20mm cut 100mm leave 20mm cut 100mm etc etc then you can take that cut line and hang over the edge of a bench and bend it 90 deg. Then weld up along the cut section. Boom reinforced edge.🤙🏼🤙🏼
Don Lewis
Don Lewis 5 månader sedan
Love ya work but you can save yourself some headaches and improve your build by checking out SEcycle's "Mighty Car Mods" LS3 into E30. Great off the shelf parts and excellent swap.
Mike McDaniel
Mike McDaniel 5 månader sedan
Hey vTuned garage watch this and you will learn the right way to do this swap. Its Mighty car mods
Andrew.s. Mcmurtrie
Andrew.s. Mcmurtrie 5 månader sedan
check mcm for your bmw which parts they use
David Santos
David Santos 5 månader sedan
Engine Swapping our BMW E30" At least take some ideias
István Szerencsés
István Szerencsés 5 månader sedan
This is what CAD design LITERALLY means, as shown in the video, Cardboard Aided Design
chris eshman
chris eshman 5 månader sedan
Mighty car mods knock off?
Nathan See
Nathan See 5 månader sedan
Some boys in Australia Mighty Car Mods are also doing an LS swap in an E30. Apparently there is a kit that has all the necessary bits so you don't need to fabricate too much...
Mikaeel Laher
Mikaeel Laher 5 månader sedan
16:50 the camera work is insane 👌👌👌👌👌😎😎😎
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez 5 månader sedan
Where's the captions?
In Detail Car Care Solutions
In Detail Car Care Solutions 5 månader sedan
Fantastic video V (sorry, don’t know your name). I love seeing advances in technology being implemented exactly as they should be asI’m a technology educator here in Australia. It’s great that your enthusiasm never wanes. One thing though, please use PPE more as you only have one set of eyes and perhaps leather steel capped boots could be a good idea. Lloyd
ltmedic3 5 månader sedan
Plate the top of the motor mounts
Maihi Barber
Maihi Barber 5 månader sedan
my bloody foot is still aching after seeing your accident.. hope that foot doesn't get an infection - look after yourself.
Allen Troxel
Allen Troxel 5 månader sedan
Good work V tuned.
Mikhael Shalom
Mikhael Shalom 5 månader sedan
You stepped on a rusted nail. As a precautionary measure Have it checked for a possible tetanus shot!
Nuka-Cola Quantum
Nuka-Cola Quantum 5 månader sedan
that light needs a repair
Yann Reichbart
Yann Reichbart 5 månader sedan
Vtuned I always wonder do you keep every single car you fix or do you sell some of them?
Jonathan Cahill
Jonathan Cahill 5 månader sedan
Great work dude - but are you not concerned for the car rattling to death? No rubber insulation on those mounts even as a track car is gonna be ☠️
Fearless Fosdick
Fearless Fosdick 5 månader sedan
Jeffrey JunJie
Jeffrey JunJie 5 månader sedan
17:15 goodzquad hoodie ! 😂
Bumblebee4788 5 månader sedan
Just add square pieces of old tires between your mounts and subframe and body attachments for a cheap vibration eliminater.
Michael Perras
Michael Perras 5 månader sedan
Dude, modify the shield you took off your angle grinder and reinstall it before a cut off wheel shatters and goes right through your hand, or worse your face. Cut back the sides but leave enough on to protect yourself.
Kevin 5 månader sedan
You knocked flat the moulding presses in the central gearbox tunnel, so the strength from these pressed steel shapes are now gone. I think you have a lot of skills but gave up watching a while back because you don`t seem to have a good grasp of structural strength in a car frame. and it`s painful to watch
E Eller
E Eller 5 månader sedan
Your almost at 500k subs hell ya I have been here since 16k love the channel and content keep up the good work
Garage It Yourself
Garage It Yourself 5 månader sedan
Loving it dude. That LS is gonna rip in such a light vehicle 😁 Hope it's got an LSD or you're gonna be single pegging it everywhere 😂
2H80vids 5 månader sedan
No need for the reveal at 17:15 we knew it wasn't vTuned; he was wearing welding gloves - like a professional.
COWBOYS FROM HELL A.E.L. FC 1964 5 månader sedan
You must buy safety shoes!!
Auto Sport
Auto Sport 5 månader sedan
Engine mounts without any rubber?Thing car is gonna be shaking like hell...
Mikhail Golub
Mikhail Golub 5 månader sedan
Use the gloves 🧤
Olivier B. Ngoga
Olivier B. Ngoga 5 månader sedan
VTuned: won't your engine & trans mounts have rubber bushings to dampen the vibrations?! If you mount them directly to the frame... it'll be rocking the whole car, I believe.
Olivier B. Ngoga
Olivier B. Ngoga 5 månader sedan
Bro, I like your new video presentation. It's dope 👌🏽 👌🏽
SNELLERIZED GARAGE 5 månader sedan
It seems to me that trans mount should be something more than a piece of sheetmetal.
michael jordan
michael jordan 5 månader sedan
hey vtuned adjust each start point prior to cutting or with the part locations so that you can get the most out of every sheet of steel.
The Car EMT
The Car EMT 5 månader sedan
I have had carly about a year now and I love it
Serg L.
Serg L. 5 månader sedan
How many bros u got? True Ukrainian Family I assume?
BlackcooZe 5 månader sedan
time to buy some real working boots when i saw what u stepped in and got a nail right in ur foot
Elvin Banuelos
Elvin Banuelos 5 månader sedan
Hockey puck mounts
jamesread11 5 månader sedan
Nice work with the cnc machine, do the engine mounts not need any sort of damping?
Darren Swails
Darren Swails 5 månader sedan
Watching a BMW LS series being built
Amir Harris
Amir Harris 5 månader sedan
Tetanus Shot!
keith terrell
keith terrell 5 månader sedan
You should learn to part placement and changing angles on there to minimize space your wasting way to much material with the spacing and gaps between parts. Learn to rotate to save material
Rayner Da Cruz
Rayner Da Cruz 5 månader sedan
@18:40 verrrry niceee
John Schlutz
John Schlutz 5 månader sedan
We in Florida got Trump a win. You guys in Georgia failed our president. You should not show yourself anymore. Shame on you and Georgia. Only Florida is a USA state. You guys are China Marxist. Don' come down here anymore.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 5 månader sedan
Sir I live In Tennessee...
Waqar Ahmed
Waqar Ahmed 5 månader sedan
Loving all the builds! Please say there are going to be atleast some hockey pucks to help isolate the engine? Hard mounting the engine will just lead to everything rattling apart and fatiguing of metal Cannot wait to see the rest of the progress though 🤟 and more videos on the mustang too please! 😁
Mike Vetsalo
Mike Vetsalo 5 månader sedan
Thats awesome how you are leaning new things just like I learn new thing from your videos! Keep up the good work vTuned!!
LCD consultant
LCD consultant 5 månader sedan
Wow seeing old school meeting new school. Well done
Patryk Lewandowski
Patryk Lewandowski 5 månader sedan
Hi, I think you forgot the engine cushions.
simon2428 5 månader sedan
A CNC table really changes the game completely 😎 Now I don’t want to sound like I’m groaning but please always leave and use the guard that’s fitted to a grinder, I’m in the industry and I know how a disc can explode and you need to keep yourself safe and not get a face full of disc 👍🏽
James Yorgensen
James Yorgensen 5 månader sedan
Your doing really good work take your time an keep it up
James Gebhard
James Gebhard 5 månader sedan
May want to dyno matte to deadon the sound and keep the heat down
Viktor Ottosson
Viktor Ottosson 5 månader sedan
It’s getting along pretty nice !
Latif Agha
Latif Agha 5 månader sedan
Where is the mclearn part 3
Ben Bazan
Ben Bazan 5 månader sedan
Love the E30, legit 🔥
To To
To To 5 månader sedan
Ouch, the foot! And did someone try cutout a play sword? Haha
Lazer Beam
Lazer Beam 5 månader sedan
I think you should also use rubber
LifeOfDeeB 5 månader sedan
That damn VTuned a magician with a piece of cardboard lol! Awesome work
Manassas F
Manassas F 5 månader sedan
Is great efforts but for engine mounts and transmission mount you need some reubber base to vacumme the vibration you can use old and fabricate mount accordingly
hrep14 5 månader sedan
Rubber mount bushings are on the subframe, if your wondering where they are 10:08
Michigan Racer
Michigan Racer 5 månader sedan
Great seeing you invest in your business with new equipment! Creates sustainability and possibly another revenue stream. Your transmission mount will need some more work like you thought but great job keeping multiple projects moving! The McLaren will be awesome.
red eye
red eye 5 månader sedan
cnc tip pull measurements from one side
fiemark domosmog
fiemark domosmog 5 månader sedan
bruh put a safety cover on the grinder
Nazir Khan
Nazir Khan 5 månader sedan
Keep it up u doing well mate 😎
American Muscle Best cars
American Muscle Best cars 5 månader sedan
Show me mustang🤩🤩! not bmw and stupid cars🤮
gabriel rosales
gabriel rosales 5 månader sedan
You gonna need a tetanus shot on that foot bro!!
jimmy's Right
jimmy's Right 5 månader sedan
No one is gonna mention the sword being cut out of the plate??
adriann charles
adriann charles 5 månader sedan
Can you build a better roll cage for the car 🚙
Angel Soto
Angel Soto 5 månader sedan
Asome machine great work
Wan Ridzwan
Wan Ridzwan 5 månader sedan
Dang son this is awesome
JOHAN NEL 5 månader sedan
Why did you do solid motor mountings
DIALINGLUNAR /_\ 5 månader sedan
That’s all dealerships do is rip off customers who have no idea about cars. It’s sad actually it happens a lot
Bidouchon San
Bidouchon San 5 månader sedan
i woul have had put a reinforcement beetween the two vertical plates of your bracket. due to braking or accelerating forces.
Tim Errington
Tim Errington 5 månader sedan
How's the mileage add up if its a different engine in it now??
John Smith
John Smith 5 månader sedan
Does it seem to me, or are the mounting brackets it is without silentblocks? The vibrations cause cracks, I think it would be good to have a piece of rubber there.
tazfaninafocus 5 månader sedan
Very good episode. I enjoyed this one. First thumbs up from me in a while.
Taip Kascing
Taip Kascing 5 månader sedan
Need to put some hard rubbers on those mounts, its mount, not a stand, must have a bit of flex in it to compensate engine & trans movements
Jack Little
Jack Little 5 månader sedan
Wow! Your vid quality is so much better over the last few weeks! Is someone knew helping you with all the video editing? You are so busy cannot even imagine you sitting in front of a computer for hours producing these videos. Really awesome job 👏 👍
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 5 månader sedan
Liking how you are using CAD (cardboard aided design) 🙂😋
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 5 månader sedan
Liking how you are using CAD (cardboard aided design) 🙂😋
michael dearstyne
michael dearstyne 5 månader sedan
Martyn Davies
Martyn Davies 5 månader sedan
If I wasn't married, I'd have a plasma table in my kitchen. I could still eat my dinner off it too.
Wojciech Chmielewski
Wojciech Chmielewski 5 månader sedan
Engine pillows ??
Eric Thomasz
Eric Thomasz 5 månader sedan
1 rigid and 1 rubbermount not the best combo.
onemanandhisdog9 5 månader sedan
Check your fillings before you start this baby up.
Jon Hill
Jon Hill 5 månader sedan
Love the new camera work Vids and cars are awesome Keep it up All the best
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