My McLaren 720s is READY for an ENGINE Swap - Episode 7

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vTuned garage

4 månader sedan

Welcome back to the channel! In today's video we get the car ready for the full engine/tub swap .Enjoy!
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Stephan Fourie
Stephan Fourie 10 dagar sedan
The editing sucks, the music is too loud and you keep saying the same things over and fucking over and fucking over, am i watching a car rebuild or fucking groundhog day ?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 10 dagar sedan
Thanks for the criticism
Stephan Fourie
Stephan Fourie 10 dagar sedan
P.S. - For the love of God remove the word "basically" and the phrase "the first thing we are going to do" from your fucking vocabulary.
WG O 16 dagar sedan
I hope there is someone or some organisation that will check the car before it hits the road again🗜
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell 17 dagar sedan
'It's not really that complicated' 😂😂😂 Superb build backed up with top quality video work, well done.
Donald Way
Donald Way Månad sedan
Thousands of parts damn
Lonnie Grogan
Lonnie Grogan Månad sedan
Hell you could of bought a new one for the money you have in this one
oneoone 2 månader sedan
Do we have to talk about every bolt 4 times? It's a video not a podcast. We can see!
CrossEyed Jack
CrossEyed Jack 2 månader sedan
Goonzsquad's next Project, Full Size experimental Quadcopter from a damaged Mclaren tub.
Andy Helfrich
Andy Helfrich 2 månader sedan
This is insane. The complexity would be overwhelming to almost anyone! Good luck.
Robert Swader
Robert Swader 2 månader sedan
I am loving this rebuild. Great attitude - just dig in and figure it out along the way. If it was me, I wouldn't be setting any parts down on the concrete floor. I would have cardboard or blankets laid out. I wouldn't want a single scratch on anything.
Dan 3 månader sedan
Bruce McLaren would be sending his best! I think this young fellow is the bravest guy I've seen in a long time! I'll just build a McLaren super car from scratch!! If he completes this I'll will be very pleased for him & the team! Very complex.. 👍
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 3 månader sedan
How can this car have so many bits?
Juan Carlos Lozano
Juan Carlos Lozano 3 månader sedan
Great to learn how supercar is built, everything just to have a engine centrally mounted and have the lowest center of gravity...nice job!!!
don griffin
don griffin 3 månader sedan
Hope you keep that positive attitude looks like A LOT of work ahead for you
bigfilsing 3 månader sedan
The shear scope of work involved here is mind blowing !! Takes a certain kind of person to undertake this . Top marks . If youre open to a tip from an old engineer > get yourself some knee pads mate. Youll thank me in 30 years or so !!!! Cheers
Qlf Aissam
Qlf Aissam 3 månader sedan
Name of the beats??
Kuldeep Mehta
Kuldeep Mehta 3 månader sedan
Real world Dominic Toretto 💙
RIGEL YT 4 månader sedan
I am waiting for final look 😍
RALO CUSTOMS 4 månader sedan
This is one sick build bro..great video 📹 ✊🏿💯🤘🏿
Anders Norrman
Anders Norrman 4 månader sedan
Hmm, the new tub on the lift goes from having all body panels on to all of a sudden no body panels. And now we have a full dashboard already installed in the new tub? The timeline is not really working. But besides that, very cool project.
Darren Miranda
Darren Miranda 4 månader sedan
Here you go guy's, maybe you should watch this first.
Atoool K
Atoool K 4 månader sedan
Wow it's so beautiful
Said È Mirani
Said È Mirani 4 månader sedan
Get something from Miltec in regards to the exhaust
BenD D
BenD D 4 månader sedan
Dude said “complicated” about 126 times
Daniel Nikoloski
Daniel Nikoloski 4 månader sedan
Go either Armytrix or FI exhaust, two of the best sounding exhausts
Charles Mack
Charles Mack 4 månader sedan
Get the fi exhaust for it
Dan Ashcroft
Dan Ashcroft 4 månader sedan
Somehow after this I think the mustang coyote swap is going on Ebay/Craigslist as an unfinished project that just needs a little work to get done...
Dan Ashcroft
Dan Ashcroft 4 månader sedan
Isnt there a Haynes manual for the 720s out yet? If there is someone buy this kid one for christmas...But I love Vtuned stuff, he just needs to get off the Goonsquad patter and his channel will grow even more...and Paul go easy on that wiring dude it costs more than your house probably... But After watching Tavarish's rebuild too all these videos have taught me is never buy a used or bent Mclaren, even if I ever have the money as the company itself is from what I have seen and heard just super unhelpful to its customers and certainly to rebuilders as they just think everyones a billionaire as thats usually all they deal with probably... Like all them F1 people they are just all spoilt superrich people that don't like "ordinary people" having their cars...
Kamran Rafique
Kamran Rafique 4 månader sedan
Greg Bragg
Greg Bragg 4 månader sedan
Where is the Mustang and the BMW
Steve Avis
Steve Avis 4 månader sedan
Dude, your doing amazingly!! I'm rooting for you.
Baba Booey
Baba Booey 4 månader sedan
McClaren divas are dying inside on seeing a jack stand being used.
Dark Mechanic
Dark Mechanic 4 månader sedan
this engine should be in ford gt
lee Le
lee Le 4 månader sedan
V tuned when is the next video
Louis-Pascal Ramponi
Louis-Pascal Ramponi 4 månader sedan
i can^t stand to waite next part of this amazng rebuit. thank and too thumbs up!!!!!!
Sub Zero
Sub Zero 4 månader sedan
Νew engine : *RB 26 DETT* ???
Nef 4 månader sedan
You sure are enjoying taking this beast apart.
gtchalie 4 månader sedan
You need to build some decent shelves to store your parts on. I can't imagine trying to find parts if they're all piled up on the floor. I'm enjoying the build. Good videos and editing!
James Meehan
James Meehan 4 månader sedan
Are you gonna keep it that same color , the yellow (hot mustard) ? The camera on here don’t do it justice but I’ve seen one that color in person and that color looks real good in person or in sunlight. Also I’m surprised with the car only having a 4.0 in it. I’m not big on super cars I like the older American muscle cars more so I never paid attention to the motors in them. I was really surprised I was thinking they had v10’s in them or something. Anyways the cars is coming along nice can’t wait to see it all finished
Sérgio Cerqueira
Sérgio Cerqueira 4 månader sedan
Love your work but if you want to grow your channel you shouldnt leave the projects without regular updates. What happened to the Mustang and the E30?
desmomoto desmomoto
desmomoto desmomoto 4 månader sedan
stands look skinny.
Carl Cooper
Carl Cooper 4 månader sedan
Might as well color change. All the panels are already off and several will be replaced. Not to mention trying to blend the old vs new paint. Gas Monkey did it when he did a similar rebuild on his F40.
Jacob Visser
Jacob Visser 4 månader sedan
You are an Amazing Young Man! Good for you! Onward and Upward! Started to watch V-tuned Garage when you were repairing the front end damaged Porsche 911. You have the experience and knowledge of a person twice your age.
Ivan KOWALSKI 4 månader sedan
The ZEN-Rage exhaust sounds great on those or akra but they don’t look as Cool.
REVOLUT MEDIA 4 månader sedan
Zen-rage exhaust for a furious sound with titanium exhaust 😍 !!!!!
ZEN -RAGE 4 månader sedan
Magnus Gear
Magnus Gear 4 månader sedan
hell yeah !!!
prm68 4 månader sedan
When is part 8
Master Race of everything
Master Race of everything 4 månader sedan
Not soon
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson 4 månader sedan
Good work learning on the job👍But really expensive yep really expensive 😂😂
Jason Baker
Jason Baker 4 månader sedan
What about the Mustang
G. N.
G. N. 4 månader sedan
Good for Goonzuad to be doing their house build but to get my car fix, there is always V tuned!
aceadman 4 månader sedan
The only time anyone says “I’m not losing faith yet,” is when they’ve already lost faith. 😊. This is like dismantling and reassembling a Death Star.
Joe Chen
Joe Chen 4 månader sedan
This is great. The bottle jack is one step away from cinderblocks. Love it!
otto leeverink
otto leeverink 4 månader sedan
Well i think you took a to big off a projeckt to build bud i dont no how mutch it wil be worth after this restore so..... hope it's worth it but i would not buy it because race car safety! also i see you bending some off the pars........ Dude before you no it you need to spend 3000 on a new part !!!!
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams 4 månader sedan
A super car that costs so much $$ has a plastic diffuser ??!!
Deo Persad
Deo Persad 4 månader sedan
Wow , yeah heaps of stuff to remove, see why they would be expensive to get anything done on it , looking forward to seeing what you do to get it back together 👍🏾👍🏾
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 4 månader sedan
Hey vTuned, these McLaren cars are fine and cool. But it's not the first look you take at the car what is concerning, what you should more worry about is the things you can't see! Parts you can see first when you disassemble the whole car and that should scare you too. Do you know how hard the impact was during the accident? McLaren is a British car manufacturer and therefore spare parts are very rare and pretty expensive! If I was you, I would count my losses and move on to some other car. Or you have loads of cash which you can throw into the money-pit!
Russ Cooke
Russ Cooke 4 månader sedan
I think the exhaust is fine as is.
tacoma225 4 månader sedan
A GIANT puzzle!
Ben Basford
Ben Basford 4 månader sedan Get yourself one of these exhausts (DDE) daily driven exotics have one on there 720s and it sounds amazing
Carl Kwasnjuk
Carl Kwasnjuk 4 månader sedan
What happened to the Mustang and BMW?
Anil Oz
Anil Oz 4 månader sedan
You gonna go with a straight pipe exhaust...and let that beast screams
HypeShoesReview German
HypeShoesReview German 4 månader sedan
Now it’s starting to become fun 😂
Classic Jags
Classic Jags 4 månader sedan
I would love to know who the idiots are who give a Thumbs down how can you not be impressed with the work done on this channel especially this Monster build.
DFORREAL Log up 4 månader sedan
I think he is way over his bead with this salvage yard built super car. He literally about to brake even by the time he finishes this car if it don’t drives him crazy lolz.. good luck bro if you pull this over it will inspire people to not give up and just do it!
Its just my opinion Fred
Its just my opinion Fred 4 månader sedan
Fun drinking game... everytime he says "complicated" take a drink. You will be wasted and entertained at the same time!
Bonnie & Dave Reardon
Bonnie & Dave Reardon 4 månader sedan
jamie heim
jamie heim 4 månader sedan
Lmr exhaust
Abuki Mar
Abuki Mar 4 månader sedan
I will dropped out from college if vTuned let me work with him 🙂
markmtnfn6 4 månader sedan
VTuned, what is the status of the Mustang build?
toro 4 månader sedan
Howto get a long video: tell the audiance that you gonna remove the rear bumper 4 times
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 4 månader sedan
Your more then welcome to try to make a SEcycle video.
jettelo 4 månader sedan
150 mph and the whole wheel falls off. DEATH TRAP
Thorsten Fuchs
Thorsten Fuchs 4 månader sedan
Please keep it OEM. No aftermarket exhaust.☺
Aleksas S
Aleksas S 4 månader sedan
It's like looking at a guy trying to repair a NASA Shuttle in a garage
Raymond K
Raymond K 4 månader sedan
11:06 Two little Turbski’s 😂🤣
paul huber
paul huber 4 månader sedan
Watch this video he has a place for parts you might like to know :
R S 4 månader sedan
Sam Richards
Sam Richards 4 månader sedan
Good dude Vtuned
Calamity Jack
Calamity Jack 4 månader sedan
Changes his online relationship status with the car to "It's not that complicated."
John Stergios
John Stergios 4 månader sedan
You can do it!!!! Just take a lot of pictures and label everything!!!!
MrJinga27 4 månader sedan
I hope that "it's really not that complicated" don't turn out to be famous last words. But having watched you for a while l'm sure you will can do it.
Bluescity Garage
Bluescity Garage 4 månader sedan
adpocalypse made it to the 3rd
SanMarino_CS 4 månader sedan
Gotta be super careful removing rims with CCB’s, if the wheel catches the disc when you take it off the disc can chip and then it’s finished.
Lingxiao Wang
Lingxiao Wang 4 månader sedan
This is tons of work.
JessieJ 4 månader sedan
Throw some JB Weld plastic epoxy on that crack and it will be good to go
JessieJ 4 månader sedan
Throw some JB Weld on that crack and it will be good to go
Texan Gun Vault
Texan Gun Vault 4 månader sedan
Damn looks very complicated 🤯
ZEN -RAGE 4 månader sedan
Craig Reeve
Craig Reeve 4 månader sedan
Man, this car is super complicated! Well I know if anyone can pull this off, you can. Waiting on every episode!
ezeNdog 4 månader sedan
Soooo.. even u completely rebuild it... It and the driver won't survive another crash.. fully compromised structure in ways u and I don't understand.... Electrical ghost in the system will haunt u forever.
G Rmz
G Rmz 4 månader sedan
Honestly think you are way over your head on this build. Hope you dont end up even or upside down with the time invested. Either way, good luck
smacheath 4 månader sedan
Greetings from London, UK. I have a 6.2litre engine from a C63 Black Series... Nat Asp... if you want a PROPER engine please drop me a line Sir!
Yousuf Kothawala
Yousuf Kothawala 4 månader sedan
cant you just swap the rear sub frame without removing the engine and all the other stuff ?
sel2179 4 månader sedan
It gives me anxiety just looking at the wires think about putting it back to together, i wouldn’t be able to I reckon you can vtune keep up the hard work love th car
John Messina
John Messina 4 månader sedan
I love how calm he is especially every time he finds a part that needs replacement or needs to be fixed that he didn't know about. I have to watch this going back together.
Barry .Scannell
Barry .Scannell 4 månader sedan
Dude is using his HF tools better than I do on my Chevya. LOL
cut 4 månader sedan
This project reminds me of one of those EATING contests where if you eat a 6 foot long SUB in under 30 minutes your meal is free! 😁 😁 Seriously this is the best thing I'm watching these days!
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 4 månader sedan
Good way he say glue or apoxy everything back on 😂😂😂 why not just do time lapse put together finish product
Velmir Muratcaus
Velmir Muratcaus 4 månader sedan
Armytrix exhaust 💪🏻💪🏻
Tony B
Tony B 4 månader sedan
I wonder how many new followers he's got from the Squad because hes ACTUALLY rebuilding a car and not sewing grass and painting gutters... Just Sayin.....
HaroldWatnenase 4 månader sedan
Hey guys! Seems like you have started to clean up your shop! Looks much better if you dont have trash lying everywere in your shop and on the property! I like your content very much! But as a buisiness that is keen on new customers you need to be tidy in your surroundings! Keep up your great work!
Zahid Arifi
Zahid Arifi 4 månader sedan
FI exhaust
Aksent1126 4 månader sedan
Can’t wait till the next vid 💪🏾🏁
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