Reassembling my NEW Mclaren 720s - Episode 9

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vTuned garage

4 månader sedan

Welcome back to the channel! In today's video finally start Reassembling my McLaren 720s ! first we had to remove few more parts before the reassembling begins ! ENJOY!
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Chris Bernard
Chris Bernard 13 dagar sedan
you're making a mcclaren tub dune buggy arnt you ??
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell 16 dagar sedan
Just epic, I'm lost for words 👍👍
SCORPION_DIE Månad sedan
I've been watching the other episodes and I'm surprised how hard it is to access the engine and much more remove it. all the technology that this car has to function and the similar cable harness you have. I was surprised by the truth
Alan N
Alan N Månad sedan
Simply amazing work. Hats of to the spaghetti wiring king. Alan
Adam Doherty
Adam Doherty Månad sedan
Did you guys get the correct torque specs for everything? :o
Sakhiwo Mahanjana
Sakhiwo Mahanjana 2 månader sedan
You are Genius my Guy 🙏🏽
Sakhiwo Mahanjana
Sakhiwo Mahanjana 2 månader sedan
This is powerful
Kane Fritz
Kane Fritz 2 månader sedan
Definitely a task for a young mind and your young short term memory. I can only imagine how many McLaren factory folks are following you and this project. Keep up the good work!
Francis Coop
Francis Coop 2 månader sedan
As this is a British McLaren shouldn't it be an Al - you - min - ee - um subframe (English Phonetic) not an Alooh - min - um subframe?.....Lol
Dan 3 månader sedan
Careful now.. that's a mighty expensive car & you never know how people think. Even if they work there. One can never be to security concious. 😊👍
Shachar Barak
Shachar Barak 3 månader sedan
vTuned... you’re a legend, NUFF SAID!
Joe Licha
Joe Licha 3 månader sedan
bro hats off to you! big pain no gain... big fan
Vivian Bond
Vivian Bond 3 månader sedan
Was it a cheap car in the end with a parts car and parts ?
Henry Weidenhammer
Henry Weidenhammer 3 månader sedan
Music is awesome wheres it from?
prakash sivam
prakash sivam 3 månader sedan
Oh man! Insane work hats off to you from India.. edge of seats to see it on road...
александр попов
александр попов 3 månader sedan
Красавец , молодец!!!!
John Kennedy
John Kennedy 3 månader sedan
Dont forget the flux capacitor ☢😀
DaftFader 3 månader sedan
Firewood = Natures Jack-stand. xD
patelniraj781 3 månader sedan
Man you are alien bro doin it all by yourself mechanical and electrical hats off ✌🏻
Robert Prout
Robert Prout 3 månader sedan
Tram guage. The Mclaren is coming together real nice 👍
Zombie Man
Zombie Man 3 månader sedan
vTUNED You're amazing. Lots of love From the Bronx, NYC Stay safe you and the vTUNED family . ‘Happy Holidays’
Eaglethree 3 månader sedan
The three stooges used to sweep up all the leftover pieces and just dump them on top of the engine. The car backfired but ran anyway.
compking30 4 månader sedan
Thought you was going with yellow seat belts? Awesome progress. Alex Rebuilds transferred an entire viper to a new frame and i thought that was crazy this is insane lol.
etienne Baree
etienne Baree 4 månader sedan
i hope you keep the car for yourself ...
etienne Baree
etienne Baree 4 månader sedan
Julien C
Julien C 4 månader sedan
@17:00 this is at this moment that I'd passed out
Timothy Herweynen
Timothy Herweynen 4 månader sedan
I love how you show that family is important to you. Your Dad and brothers are awesome. You certainly tackle some huge jobs, so much confidence. Very inspirational! 👍🏻
Mick Wayne
Mick Wayne 4 månader sedan
Where the mustang
A Medvedev
A Medvedev 4 månader sedan
Was that Romanian language with old man at the beginning?! Man you are like car Einstein! Greetings from Germany...
witteag1 4 månader sedan
vTuned is just incredible!!!!!!!!
akaDJGio 4 månader sedan
Am I the only one who has extra bolts leftover when I get a build done?
bigblocklawyer 4 månader sedan
"What's going on, guys"? "Welcome to the channel". Wow. Never heard that before. Ugh .
Daniel Ramonyai
Daniel Ramonyai 4 månader sedan
Enjoying your channel. keep it up.
Mike Angelastro
Mike Angelastro 4 månader sedan
I just took 2 Advil for my headache. Great work🇺🇸
Barrie Wright
Barrie Wright 4 månader sedan
How do you know that the wiring looms the right way around !? , too me all I see is a lot of spaghetti ? .
Nef 4 månader sedan
This is definitely all FAKE..... You make it look too easy, then again I always knew you can do, can you help me set up my Christmas lights decorations....they look something like your wiring harness.?? ( am only kidding about the FAKE part..)
Nef 4 månader sedan
Wow , McLaren fuel into the Ford Ranger......that thing's gonna be flying.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 4 månader sedan
Tales danger ranger to another level
Pk 4 månader sedan
Well done
Maurice Richardson
Maurice Richardson 4 månader sedan
What kind of ratchets is he using? I’ve been looking for a matte black set!
rampp17 4 månader sedan
did you use the old screws for the sub-frame? or were they new? or do you still exchange them? the screws can only be used once (as far as I know)
Jim Schafer
Jim Schafer 4 månader sedan
WOW good thing you took pictures, at my age I would get lost with that many. What a wire and plumbing nightmare. Way to go you are making it happen.
Keith Wallington
Keith Wallington 4 månader sedan
Hi guys all the bits you remove from the donor car that you will not use put them up for sale and get some deniers back to pay for new spears
Tyler Bogaard
Tyler Bogaard 4 månader sedan
that giant wiring harness looked like it weighed more than the rear subframe!
DeeperImage Automotive
DeeperImage Automotive 4 månader sedan
I used to give the award for craziest rebuild on SEcycle to Alex Rebuilds when he swapped frames on the totaled Viper. But your 720s rebuild is absolute insanity!!! You guys are incredible. Thanks for taking on this amazingly complex project. Best of luck, gents!!
Chico Foonman
Chico Foonman 4 månader sedan
An ambitious undertaking!
CraiovaBIKE Traffic
CraiovaBIKE Traffic 4 månader sedan
Hello v tuned new subscriber here from Europe - Romania , i love your work 🤗
Danny Andersen
Danny Andersen 4 månader sedan
What an overtechnical car😱, go on then. Cant wait to see you Cruise in that thing.
Lường Tình
Lường Tình 4 månader sedan
Thank you very well
Shivanshu Bansal
Shivanshu Bansal 4 månader sedan
next: rebuilding a Rolls Royce!
Shivanshu Bansal
Shivanshu Bansal 4 månader sedan
Chris Tong
Chris Tong 4 månader sedan
That wire harness 😳
Rinkesh 4 månader sedan
Is it just me or does he look like Patricio O Ward
Steven Mccullough
Steven Mccullough 4 månader sedan
I get confused when my mouse wire crosses the line from my power adapter. THIS is like forbidden planet. Here, here's a wiring harness, bolt a MaClaren to it. Yikes!
Naem Yazid
Naem Yazid 4 månader sedan
Just like a puzzle! u got a complete equipment, then there u go dude.. can't wait to see a complete yellow beast roar again!
bop bop daddy-o
bop bop daddy-o 4 månader sedan
Cool vid! I’m totally stoned but lovin it! 👍
Knuckle Busterz
Knuckle Busterz 4 månader sedan
Huge props. You show me to never give up and no job is to big. Can't wait to see you driving that thing!
Billy Boy
Billy Boy 4 månader sedan
That's nutz !! I can't wait to you finished exciteding🍻
Neil 4 månader sedan
Awesome! When you were pulling and feeding the harness out of the old car from the engine compartment, it looked like it was puking wire...and it didn't look like it would ever stop. Then when you lifted the old harness to take it to the new car, you looked like a TRANSFORMER! This is good Love what you are doing. When you finish this, you really will know how to build a Mclaren!
Justin Smith. PYRO
Justin Smith. PYRO 4 månader sedan
Un fucking believable. The fact that you never saw one of these in person, bought it totaled, then decided to take on something of this caliber. Hats off to you kid 🤘🤘 Much respect. Bring this thing back to life. It deserves it. Awesome cars. Wish I had the money for it. All I have money for is my C63 AMG
Johnny Deep
Johnny Deep 4 månader sedan
When it comes to cars VTune is absolute Genius.
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 4 månader sedan
Probably 5 miles of wiring in that car. Should have weighed it all.
Vic Giron
Vic Giron 4 månader sedan
Here bc goozquad still on the house renovation lol.
Ras Mayo
Ras Mayo 4 månader sedan
Vtuned is hands down a genius
STEVE HENIFIN 4 månader sedan
What happened to the Mustang build ?
VWLivin 4 månader sedan
Turn the busted carbon monocoque into a Forza game console.
Ferdinand Maya
Ferdinand Maya 4 månader sedan
Another project than you mever end... great.. 😴😴😴
Scabootie 4 månader sedan
Word of the day: basically.
Jason Harry
Jason Harry 4 månader sedan
Better than OEM
Fatboy 2019
Fatboy 2019 4 månader sedan
Please move to rumble I love your show but communist SEcycle has to go
2H80vids 4 månader sedan
This could be an occasion when having all the electronic, diagnostic gadgetry is a good thing. In theory, it should throw codes if any wiring is wrong and tell him what, and where. Assuming he finishes this job completely and gets the McLaren sold for a decent profit, his subscriber count will be absolutely huge by then. I have a question though: what does he do to follow this? OK, there are plenty stupid remarks about space shuttle etc but, seriously, what would top this - Bugatti maybe?
vordark trinity
vordark trinity 4 månader sedan
okay apply kirchoffs law
Daz Browne
Daz Browne 4 månader sedan
Think I will just stick to doing my beetle up a less complicated car🤣🤣good luck mate from the uk
Jana Hamed
Jana Hamed 4 månader sedan
Is this whole car weight made out of bolts
larry tait
larry tait 4 månader sedan
Mc Claren should hire you as part of their US repair consultant group.
larry tait
larry tait 4 månader sedan
What fantastic swap. That harness looked pretty darned overwhelming, but you nailed it!! Solid work here. Super interesting.
Verkoop Van Veen
Verkoop Van Veen 4 månader sedan
Respect! i salute you mister V! My favourite episode so far, felt really good watching you put that wiring harness in it's place..
TRUMPER 517 4 månader sedan
All I say is WoW!
Ruud van der Horst
Ruud van der Horst 4 månader sedan
V is getting work done in a single episode!
Laz1Go 4 månader sedan
Respect V-tuned!That harness is a monster octopus. So much work to put it back on. Awesome job!
Fireboy Fj
Fireboy Fj 4 månader sedan
wow..u guys rock
Yazer Armani
Yazer Armani 4 månader sedan
All of a sudden $300,000 seems like a steal
Gold Guy
Gold Guy 4 månader sedan
This is some great content. I think the lack of views may coincide with the lack of regular/more often videos. You could probably get 2 or 3 videos worth of content out of one of your videos. Just sayin.
Jim Eadie
Jim Eadie 4 månader sedan
You should turn the wrecked one into a driving sim.
Kevin J
Kevin J 4 månader sedan
That took some serious work, attention to detail, and patience. Great job!!!!
Derland Ellison
Derland Ellison 4 månader sedan
This is geinus work man! He say everything is pretty simple...lmbo. making pancakes is simple. I got anxiety just watching just the wiring harness Now I see why McLaren don't want just anyone working on their cars. They probably couldn't even put this thing back together.
Martin Smith
Martin Smith 4 månader sedan
Big question vTuned garage, where is the vin, because if it`s still on the old tub!!!!!!
James Weaver
James Weaver 4 månader sedan
mebrannon1 4 månader sedan
Well done lots of talent
V8bgt 4 månader sedan
I love your dedication! Keep up the good work
Andy San Diego
Andy San Diego 4 månader sedan
That harness looked like the entire nervous system of a human being, but Yuri just says something like, "All we gotta do is remove the seats and install it." Installing the electrical harness seemed to take about half an hour, and I heard, "Pretty simple." A geneticist should explore how come Vtuned and at least 3 other SEcycle car builders from the same small part of the world have this amazing talent. When my Dutch wife became a U.S. citizen 63 years ago, it was required to speak English and pass a test on U.S. government. And there was no dual citizenship.
Richard Magpantay
Richard Magpantay 4 månader sedan
Damn my hands hurt just looking at that wire harness
Kjph 4 månader sedan
Glass half full or glass half empty? Fair dues , all credit to you. Love these videos . You can’t teach this your born with it ! Keep up the good work 👍
Nishant Verma
Nishant Verma 4 månader sedan
Please give us some Mustang Update 😊🙏.
Hudson Pereira
Hudson Pereira 4 månader sedan
I feel so incompetent watching this.. I'm having a hard time getting the horn on my 1930 Ford Model A to work lol
rafiq Sanjaya
rafiq Sanjaya 4 månader sedan
Indonesian subtittle please
David Kerr
David Kerr 4 månader sedan
Your doing great,keep your head and take your time.Good luck.
Rod Johnson
Rod Johnson 4 månader sedan
fantastic to watch, brings back memories of my days of ford repairs a great sense of achievement. keep up the good work guys
Primoz Secundus
Primoz Secundus 4 månader sedan
I wonder..since this is an expensive car which is bought mainly by crazy rich individuals. Who among them would buy a used/wrecked/repaired car? Dont get me wrong. To repair this takes a lot of nolage and skill. So im amazed.
chiefordnance 4 månader sedan
Ha HA a full tank of gas.....What The Fun
Stuart Davies
Stuart Davies 4 månader sedan
So carbon tubs can be repaired! basically its like glass fibre, sand back around the cracks to a given formula, then resin and carbin mat it back. So that damaged tub could be made good again to offset against the costs!
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