Tearing Down My McLaren 720s (HIDDEN DAMAGE?) - Episode 2

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Welcome back to the channel! In today's video I start taking apart the front of the McLaren , and dig deep throughout the car to find any hidden damages ! Enjoy
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Na ni
Na ni MĂ„nad sedan
Wandering and waiting for ur video driving the repair mclaren
Jason Swift
Jason Swift MĂ„nad sedan
You are a very skilled tradesman but I think this one might be a bit beyond your capabilities and what tools and machines you have to work on it.
Ewok Gaming
Ewok Gaming 2 mÄnader sedan
Loba bangus jelema teh
Junior Suriel
Junior Suriel 2 mÄnader sedan
You guys have skills god bless your talents and Chanel not anyone can just put a car that’s wrecked together it’s a god given talent
oneoone 2 mÄnader sedan
Lighten up kid!
Bulldog 2 mÄnader sedan
Show a vid that you start and finish the job bad video
Joe Licha
Joe Licha 3 mÄnader sedan
big fan! your a good caster
J S 3 mÄnader sedan
Could you please put some gloves and safety glasses on? Thank you!
Kyle Fegley
Kyle Fegley 3 mÄnader sedan
It's a race to fix the wrecked Mclarens! Who will finish their rebuilds first?? Tavarish, Alex Rebuilds or vTuned??? LOL
Mutch Louis
Mutch Louis 3 mÄnader sedan
Why wasn't this car repaired in McLaren ?
Zayd Awan
Zayd Awan 3 mÄnader sedan
Sickkk meclaren
Werner Danler
Werner Danler 3 mÄnader sedan
Don't know squat about McClaren but I thought they were British. You saying the Germans bought them too? They finally did invade.
Mr Pan D. Man
Mr Pan D. Man 4 mÄnader sedan
Man you’re so talented with this stuff. You gotta know a lot in order to fix this and of course you gotta love it too. When I look at it, all I see is a bunch work and money you will need to spend to fix this car, but I know the finish product is worth though.
Boon Hao
Boon Hao 4 mÄnader sedan
why would these guys even bother rebuilding this. The front part looks like is been dig out from an ancient graveyard 100,000 years ago. I would spend that amount of money on some wine and chicks.
Akshay Anand
Akshay Anand 4 mÄnader sedan
Please wear gloves..
joseph thomas
joseph thomas 4 mÄnader sedan
Know I’m watching it to late for this project but why not out the screws back in the fender that holds the wires . Save bags and time searching for few less bags . But still great video to watch cause I love these cars
Darren Miranda
Darren Miranda 4 mÄnader sedan
The carbon tub is made in Sheffield UK, the factory is just a few miles from where I live. The cars are built in Woking UK in a seperate wing to the F1 cars, I've also been lucky enough to have a tour of the Woking factory.
Ricardo Lozano
Ricardo Lozano 4 mÄnader sedan
JB weld, piece of cake
Lennie Stewart
Lennie Stewart 4 mÄnader sedan
love the optimism.. you arent going to finish this car for atleast 3 months i bet you! i wish you the best of luck hahaha.
Jethro Lionheart
Jethro Lionheart 4 mÄnader sedan
Tooken good grief man learn english the word your looking for is taken....
Stuart Davies
Stuart Davies 4 mÄnader sedan
Most European cars etc use Deutsch connectors, they can be rebuilt www.te.com/usa-en/products/brands/deutsch.html?tab=pgp-story
Scott Symonds
Scott Symonds 4 mÄnader sedan
seriously dude! just relax and be yourself. im so tired of those goonsquad bullshit videos. they were great at first when then were building cars. and now just crap!
Craig 4 mÄnader sedan
I'm a 62 year old retired auto tech who spent many days and nights in a friends body shop rebuilding salvage cars. Lot's of fun. Started watching with your CTS-V. Enjoy your channel.
Ghhggg Hhhftt
Ghhggg Hhhftt 5 mÄnader sedan
“The cool thing is “
Steve Bruce
Steve Bruce 5 mÄnader sedan
so many plastic pieces...
otto leeverink
otto leeverink 5 mÄnader sedan
you should ask travarish he has a MClaren and he had someone repair his tub so maybe that way you can save some money for other parts.
ala montana
ala montana 5 mÄnader sedan
Is there not a smart repair guy who can fix the dashboard in the car . Might save a ton of work getting it done that way . Unless you have to remove it for the airbags
Robert Anna
Robert Anna 5 mÄnader sedan
You should have just bought the certificate of destruction 720 at the same time. The parts leftover from the harvest might have made a modest profit.
Cheki Hill
Cheki Hill 5 mÄnader sedan
sami47x 5 mÄnader sedan
2:54 vtuned taking a sneak peak 😂
john lincoln
john lincoln 5 mÄnader sedan
Make and sell a racing simulator from the damaged tub and recoup some money.
6rant Joshua
6rant Joshua 5 mÄnader sedan
You guys are trash
Gilberto Arteaga
Gilberto Arteaga 5 mÄnader sedan
sydst 5 mÄnader sedan
Its a British supercar you spud not German
Darian 5 mÄnader sedan
If I ever buy a wrecked car I'll have this guy fix it lol
PoogeMC 5 mÄnader sedan
that is my fav color for 720s
soall74 5 mÄnader sedan
No one here says this car will be death trap as nothing will be back to normal he can rebuild it and glue everything together, but can't fix the electric and PCMs and software that made this car running and drive safely .even McLaren will not help him as they knew it can be legal issues if someone got hurt in future while driving.
Alex T
Alex T 5 mÄnader sedan
What you going to do with Salvage McLaren. Nobody want to spend money on salvage supercar
anthony ruiz
anthony ruiz 5 mÄnader sedan
Talk to tavarish his building his found his parts cheap
Herbert MĂŒller
Herbert MĂŒller 5 mĂ„nader sedan
Cracked carbon monocoque? Defective A- pillar? => total loss. It is also extremely difficult to find out how much the carbon is damaged. You can't let anybody drive in the car with a clear conscience. The next crash and the car shatters in the middle. Sell the engine and some parts and scrap the rest. In the usa surely valuable. Here in europe, every well-known youtuber drives such a car. The car is certainly very good, especially as daily driver - but not worth the effort.
Dont ask
Dont ask 5 mÄnader sedan
Keep in mind you can't carbon fiber directly to aluminum.
Pip Pipster
Pip Pipster 5 mÄnader sedan
Buff it out đŸ€Ł
Octane Swagg
Octane Swagg 5 mÄnader sedan
When rich people want to spend they money on junk 😂😂
Liam Clark
Liam Clark 5 mÄnader sedan
Ask tavarish on help with the car đŸ’ŻđŸ™‹â€â™‚ïž
Noah Richardson
Noah Richardson 5 mÄnader sedan
Dude how do you remember where all that goes?
bobbycone2 5 mÄnader sedan
That article started off by saying the driver was seriously injured.
BodyManZach 5 mÄnader sedan
this car sold for $71,000usd + tax, auction fees etc... just incase anyone was wondering
Jack Riseborough
Jack Riseborough 5 mÄnader sedan
Who dropped their guts at 14:09 😂
Vilen B
Vilen B 5 mÄnader sedan
Was won for 71,000 + fee’s Ya’ll welcome!
Donkey Works Garage
Donkey Works Garage 5 mÄnader sedan
No jack stand when removing rear tire. Your better than that. I had a BMW 7 series fall on my chest. Be safe.
PennyTheAbarth 5 mÄnader sedan
Been here since 80k n wow this Mclaren really brought the views
Matthew Throup
Matthew Throup 5 mÄnader sedan
Probably best just to scrap it
Michael 5 mÄnader sedan
I see no feasible use out of a car that you can't even open the hood without tearing the whole thing apart. I mean its all about bragging rights to owning this thing. But for the same price or even cheaper couldn't you just get a muscle car? Aside from the many muscle cars you could build up there are a bunch of Japanese sports cars that you could literally have approx the same horsepower plus awd as a option. The thing about Japanese cars is you can de tune it for casual driving. So your gasoline receipts and insurance alone on this huge engine would be emptying out the wallet.
Nade Stanic
Nade Stanic 5 mÄnader sedan
Name of the song 5.10
Emir Kan Uckun
Emir Kan Uckun 5 mÄnader sedan
YouR music in your video make me tired Wanna Go to sleep.....
MACK 5 mÄnader sedan
Those who are interested in mechanical engineering, they should follow this channel. Very clear and smooth channel for the understanding the machines of cars.
Mishal Ifaj
Mishal Ifaj 5 mÄnader sedan
episode 3
BoostedMotorsports 5 mÄnader sedan
Awesome build brother đŸ’ȘđŸ’ȘđŸ’Ș
M-J McCarthy
M-J McCarthy 5 mÄnader sedan
Check out the guys from DDE (daily driven exotics) they just did a full CF upgrade on their 720s to make it a 720gtr. They got parts from vorsteinernero.com.
Muhammad Aliff Ahmad
Muhammad Aliff Ahmad 5 mÄnader sedan
Maybe toyota parts might fit it
mic ars
mic ars 5 mÄnader sedan
I just found your channel and holy shit you guys are insane. Will you do a big review at the end every cost and anything? Can't wait until you reavel the price !
Tiktok 5 mÄnader sedan
production quality is insane... keep it up
Notgonnalie 5 mÄnader sedan
Man I sure hope this one doesn’t end up like the mustang project.
chris ashton
chris ashton 5 mÄnader sedan
Tavarish also goes to a place called FrameDoctor911.com for carbon fiber frame repairs
DjNasA3 Nassir
DjNasA3 Nassir 5 mÄnader sedan
I hope you actually finish it
Dave223 5 mÄnader sedan
Hope you bought it for $50,000 or less. Profit !
torquemada67 5 mÄnader sedan
nope 71k en.bidfax.info/mclaren-automotive/720s/6691070-mclaren-automotive-720s-2019-gold-40l-8-vin-sbm14dca3kw002532.html
T D Tha OrCistr8TA
T D Tha OrCistr8TA 5 mÄnader sedan
Nice vid v tuned might I ask what is your instrumental music in the background?
Cowboys 4Life
Cowboys 4Life 5 mÄnader sedan
Where’s the mustang?👀😭
joe Dirt
joe Dirt 5 mÄnader sedan
Rock N Roll "We Are Family"
EddyRTW 5 mÄnader sedan
Car cost $21,000
torquemada67 5 mÄnader sedan
wrong 71k en.bidfax.info/mclaren-automotive/720s/6691070-mclaren-automotive-720s-2019-gold-40l-8-vin-sbm14dca3kw002532.html
Cowboys 4Life
Cowboys 4Life 5 mÄnader sedan
How did I miss this đŸ€ŠđŸœâ€â™‚ïž needa turn on post notifications 😂
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 5 mÄnader sedan
Good luck 👍👍👍
Roger Serafin
Roger Serafin 5 mÄnader sedan
Looking forward to this rebuild. SUBSCRIBED !
Cactus Cooler
Cactus Cooler 5 mÄnader sedan
Cactus Cooler
Cactus Cooler 5 mÄnader sedan
@torquemada67 I wasn't even close. I can't wait to see your finished version. The 720s is a sweet ride.
torquemada67 5 mÄnader sedan
wrong 71k en.bidfax.info/mclaren-automotive/720s/6691070-mclaren-automotive-720s-2019-gold-40l-8-vin-sbm14dca3kw002532.html
Wolfgang Fischer
Wolfgang Fischer 5 mÄnader sedan
Coole Sache 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Michael B
Michael B 5 mÄnader sedan
Should kids be messing around with super cars?
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 5 mÄnader sedan
Thomas Barker
Thomas Barker 5 mÄnader sedan
Your no goonzquad sorry
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 5 mÄnader sedan
Neither are you sadly
paul evans
paul evans 5 mÄnader sedan
all ways good work vTuned garage 😁😁😁
Allstar 5 mÄnader sedan
Holy sht the carbon tub is cracked, that's a write off right there unless they plan on doing a patch job which is going to be a little dubious in terms of getting everything straight and structural. Ai ai ai
Allstar 5 mÄnader sedan
Vtuned believes in the law of attraction and sends it out to the universe that he wants to be poor.... The McLaren arrives!! I lol but still good luck guys, hope you get hooked up with some good deals on parts
Eion sullivan
Eion sullivan 5 mÄnader sedan
Using chrome on an impact gunđŸ€”tsk tsk tsk
Andy Fricks
Andy Fricks 5 mÄnader sedan
You should really save the money on a tub I’ve seen the repairs on the carbon fiber
Jeffrey Sasquatch
Jeffrey Sasquatch 5 mÄnader sedan
You make it sound like money grows on trees...................Your NOT living in the real world.
JackSDB 1234
JackSDB 1234 5 mÄnader sedan
Framedoctor911.com will repair the carbon fibre if you want to go that route.
SM Tactical
SM Tactical 5 mÄnader sedan
How much did I pay for it?
Emilian Luncasu
Emilian Luncasu 5 mÄnader sedan
Good Luck guys don't loose your faith!
Riyad Shaikh
Riyad Shaikh 5 mÄnader sedan
For parts check with "exoticautorecycling" exoticautorecycling.com/carsellers_category/mclaren/ For some of the plastic and similar material brackets here and there, get em 3D printed bro, BEST OF LUCK with the built, really looking forwd (y)
Arcadia Green
Arcadia Green 5 mÄnader sedan
All you need is an entire monocoque and 90% of the front end and you'll be set.
Zahid Arifi
Zahid Arifi 5 mÄnader sedan
Buy the front end from DDE They got a whole new front end
Yudish 5 mÄnader sedan
the car is expensive because the screws 😂😂 nice one. Courage bro. You got loads of them đŸ’Ș✌
Ricky Mitchell
Ricky Mitchell 5 mÄnader sedan
What an awesome build, should be interesting
Allan Sayers
Allan Sayers 5 mÄnader sedan
why go to germany for parts. the uk is the place for parts
PEPPERBOX83 5 mÄnader sedan
Cool guy... Liked his attitude and confidence
Saad akram
Saad akram 5 mÄnader sedan
He is very angry at the fire fighters
Saad akram
Saad akram 5 mÄnader sedan
For you : it's a piece of cake! For me : it is a alien space ship technology!
Brook 82
Brook 82 5 mÄnader sedan
Go ahead shots , everytime he says "go ahead" you have a shot !! 😌 great project guys, good luck !!
Andrew Harrison
Andrew Harrison 5 mÄnader sedan
Its not a German car UK
RichMantaray 5 mÄnader sedan
top frames bent ,, back windows tell it all ,,,,, even if u fix it ul go through wish bones and joints every year
Dale Skidmore
Dale Skidmore 5 mÄnader sedan
The good thing is that impact drivers remove nuts in half the time, the bad thing is there are three times the nuts and bolts on the car, lol. I want to see how this story turns out, subbed and noted. Atb.
Nik M system
Nik M system 5 mÄnader sedan
where eps 3??
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