The McLaren 720s ENGINE swap is COMPLETE - Episode 11

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vTuned garage

4 månader sedan

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Hey Guys , In todays video we button up the rest of the back end , then we start working putting together the front end.
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vTuned garage
vTuned garage 4 månader sedan
Special Christmas deal! Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 4 additional months free. Go to and use our coupon vtuned at checkout.
AMLagonda 4 månader sedan
Please dont tell people about cars in Auctions cause you will get the idiots bumping up the price on you :/
jlydon29 4 månader sedan
When you get this done, you gotta collab with Cleatus and take this out to his track!
Itz_Real_Notch 4 månader sedan
But you said you were going to finish the mustang before 2021
J0rdanRaY 508
J0rdanRaY 508 4 månader sedan
Get it!!!!
J0rdanRaY 508
J0rdanRaY 508 4 månader sedan
100% get that car!!!!!!
Khaja Syed
Khaja Syed 18 dagar sedan
Sunny you are the wonder of the world you are super genius God bless you and protect you amin.
Andries Cornelius Nienaber
Andries Cornelius Nienaber 2 månader sedan
I hopd you bought the donor car
Domingo Gutierrez
Domingo Gutierrez 3 månader sedan
Vtune. I ordered a t shirt from u all ... on dec 10 , 2020 its its jan 17,2021 and no t shirt ... how can u help me ...
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
Email 🙏🏽
Joe Licha
Joe Licha 3 månader sedan
I all so dig the stang build badass! you are a crafts man
jerry smith
jerry smith 3 månader sedan
It’s just according to how much it’s going to cost you for the front end of the car and what it would cost for new parts would cost.
Mick Wayne
Mick Wayne 3 månader sedan
When is the mustang making it back
Kula Hawaii
Kula Hawaii 3 månader sedan
Great Job You are Killing it man I can’t wait to see it back in the road👍🏾
Tony Bogayle
Tony Bogayle 3 månader sedan
Keep kicking ass kid blessxx
Larry Harris
Larry Harris 3 månader sedan
Tunes my boy Merry Christmas to you and yours
Built To Run
Built To Run 3 månader sedan
Win that car brotha. :)
Zaim Lashari
Zaim Lashari 3 månader sedan
vtuned absolutely killed my boredem sooo much fun in this episode and it fills up all the need for goonzquad if not better heheh
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson 3 månader sedan
Where the hell is the mustang?
GK 3 månader sedan
Dude put more content out ??? Then I would take u up on that special ur running???
KALYANI PILLAY 3 månader sedan
Hi when is the next video coming out
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
KALYANI PILLAY 3 månader sedan
@vTuned garage I like you video and how ur do things
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
Tomorrow 3pm EST
Michael Sweat
Michael Sweat 3 månader sedan
Ok I feel like a crack head waiting on the next video! I can’t wait!! Please help!!! Lol.
Bonnie & Dave Reardon
Bonnie & Dave Reardon 3 månader sedan
Keep up the good work young man .your dad must be proud.
Ramon Basulto
Ramon Basulto 3 månader sedan
U lag it on putting new stuff up bro
paul huber
paul huber 3 månader sedan
As re you still looking for torque specks ? Get with this guy he might be able to help you out ;
Geddon Me ansome
Geddon Me ansome 3 månader sedan
Have you seen the video of the McLaren factory in the UK ? AMAZING.
L B 3 månader sedan
If your buying a UK car the dash is gonna be different to this car
Kevin Kuc
Kevin Kuc 3 månader sedan
Best build videos online!
Madiba 3 månader sedan
So glad you cleaned first. Ron Dennis would approve.
SRT TERO 3 månader sedan
Should win that car that peanut butter interior 😍
adriann charles
adriann charles 3 månader sedan
Go bid for that front cut make life easier
Silver Fox
Silver Fox 3 månader sedan
mummy, can i have more money please
Edgar Gomez
Edgar Gomez 3 månader sedan
Can’t wait to see this whip turn on and run!
Nef 3 månader sedan
VTuned Builds, as easy as plug and play.!!!
Simon Holland
Simon Holland 3 månader sedan
Fantastic channel, keep em coming....
One God
One God 3 månader sedan
Your video are like drugs.cant get enough of them
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas 3 månader sedan
Now all of a sudden tavarish has 37 minutes of mclaren content just laying around 🙄
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 3 månader sedan
I deafly go for it
Ken Leroy
Ken Leroy 3 månader sedan
This guy builds a car from scratch within a week. Meanwhile local dealer shop takes two month to exchange recalled spark plugs.
RYAN C00P3R 4 månader sedan
LS Swap McLaren? Hell Yeah Brother.
richard c
richard c 4 månader sedan
get that car and save the good parts why wate 3 month before you get it
Ryan Cuming
Ryan Cuming 4 månader sedan
By far one of the best projects done on SEcycle. The sheer amount of work going into this thing is just mind blowing, I tip my to you sir, well done! Can't wait for the next episode!
Genifer Teal
Genifer Teal 4 månader sedan
V tuned : Should I get the other car? Me: What's that in the back ground?
Genifer Teal
Genifer Teal 4 månader sedan
He's got you bro, tavarish is bragging about torquing everything to spec!
Genifer Teal
Genifer Teal 4 månader sedan
No wonder it's taking so long!
Genifer Teal
Genifer Teal 4 månader sedan
Why you need to buy that second car: tavarish! Seriously though, get the parts you need now.
John Caffery
John Caffery 4 månader sedan
When are you going to include your dad and his opinion of the build?
Todd Edington
Todd Edington 4 månader sedan
Puzzle champion of the world right there
Dennis Craig
Dennis Craig 4 månader sedan
Keen to see that E30 finished.
Dennis Craig
Dennis Craig 4 månader sedan
Wouldnt be surprised if people started bringing their McLarens to you as an expert now. Much respect!
Jorge Mendoza
Jorge Mendoza 4 månader sedan
Can you make my life and trade my mustang for your hellcat I have a v6 and I’m tired of losing all the damn time
john kaimins
john kaimins 4 månader sedan
YES ~ put in a bid for the other car. You never know your luck. Could get it at a great price & will save you time in waiting for parts from the UK. Great work ~ keep it up!
thejhp Jun
thejhp Jun 4 månader sedan
it would be cool for the viewers if you got some new shop lights
bert from NZ
bert from NZ 4 månader sedan
its annoying when you say everything twice - otherwise great video and well done
Krzyztof Jarosx
Krzyztof Jarosx 4 månader sedan
Could you repair my demage mclaren? VTuned: hold my beer🙂
John Kaiser
John Kaiser 4 månader sedan
Love it guys!! Cant wait to see tis thing come to life.
Austin 4 månader sedan
Sorry no way that's going back together right lol
The 48th State Outdoors
The 48th State Outdoors 4 månader sedan
All the torque specs can be found in the service manual for the car hopefully you found this out already
Lil Lalo
Lil Lalo 4 månader sedan
Hopefully u get the front end
Phil McKrakin
Phil McKrakin 4 månader sedan
Gotta love these McLarens... find one smashed in front and another smashed in the rear and just weld them together. Supercar legos FTW!
John Nelson
John Nelson 4 månader sedan
Best way to check a fuse is to use an ohm meter. There are contact points on the top of each fuse so you don’t have to remove it. Can check a whole fuse box in less than a minute.
Mel Cook
Mel Cook 4 månader sedan
Yes, get the other parts car. You will be very happy you did😎👍🤗
Dale Steinecke
Dale Steinecke 4 månader sedan
Get that car!!
MeatSleeve 4 månader sedan
What up Jerry!!! 🤜🏽🤛🏿🤣
No Rules lil Saucie
No Rules lil Saucie 4 månader sedan
Watch "Turbos Flames hot Chips with alittle extra. check it out & Subscribe, Share and Like" on SEcycle
Hogiewan1 4 månader sedan
Awesome Ben!
Carey Ervin
Carey Ervin 4 månader sedan
I would get that other parts car. Sounds like it will make finishing up the project much easier.
bro 4 månader sedan
Your video quality has improved amazingly, congratulations dude
70Bonneville 4 månader sedan
If you can afford the parts car at auction and it makes sence to get it, then by all means bid on it! Good luck!
Louis F Koorts
Louis F Koorts 4 månader sedan
I love how this channel have matured in a good way. 👌🏻👍🏻
Louis F Koorts
Louis F Koorts 4 månader sedan
If the price is reasonable less 15%, then buy the other car's front-end 😁. (careful about compatibility)
Tuff LC1
Tuff LC1 4 månader sedan
It’s a mclaren jig saw puzzle
Jeffrey White
Jeffrey White 4 månader sedan
Is this a co-op shop you’re working out of?
shpendi shahini
shpendi shahini 4 månader sedan
V Tuned, B is for Build and DIY Gang my favorite SEcycle videos these are great Geniuses over net, waiting for finishes of their projects.
Colin Turner
Colin Turner 4 månader sedan
It would be nice if McLaren invited you over to the UK to see and have a tour of the factory where these cars are made. Just to show their appreciation to the challenge that you took on. Any McLaren engineers Watching this? Why don't you make contact with this guy.
scott dunsing
scott dunsing 4 månader sedan
You’re doing a great job I’m very impressed can’t wait till it’s finished
vinnidafool 4 månader sedan
@vtuned your work deserves more likes
Silver Ice Cream
Silver Ice Cream 4 månader sedan
Hey vtuned, just a tip, theres a way Faster way to check for blown fuses. Use a multimeter on continuity and place the probes on the fuses without removing them, saves a lot of time
Vinis 4 månader sedan
Aaron Ramirez
Aaron Ramirez 4 månader sedan
Dont forget about the mustang tho
Aaron Ramirez
Aaron Ramirez 4 månader sedan
Buy the parts car VTUNED! if you can. this build is coming alone nicely keep it up Happy Holidays
Dav 4 månader sedan
Buy the front end, get immediate results and ROI on SEcycle. Also you can sneak those business expenses into this year's taxes.
E Eller
E Eller 4 månader sedan
You should definitely buy the wrecked white parts car.
powcar91 4 månader sedan
bid on the next parts car, that way you can also make your own race car. With the remaining parts.
Eddie Force
Eddie Force 4 månader sedan
Let’s hear it run.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 4 månader sedan
great vids, the 123 dislikes on this video are from mclaren dealerships lol
valley farming
valley farming 4 månader sedan
Don’t screw shit in with a impact wrench
alan paulick
alan paulick 4 månader sedan
I'll be dammed everything you touch turns out so perfect. Con't wait to see this super car on all four of its wheels and ready to rumble.
Sam Richards
Sam Richards 4 månader sedan
Kicking some ass man great job 👍🏻
John Spanos
John Spanos 4 månader sedan
Amazing progress is remarkable time frame.
Pumpkingilmour 4 månader sedan
Beautiful , unique mustard-gold original color. Hope you don't change it.
ian smith
ian smith 4 månader sedan
Wonder how long it took him to realise everyone who told him this was a bad idea... Was right.
kd kd
kd kd 4 månader sedan
mate great content great videos don't spoil it being greedy with all the daverts your putting me off being so greedy
Poké Legend
Poké Legend 4 månader sedan
Will it not matter if the UK Mclaren is RHD ? With the seats and interior ect...
Nabil Hamzeh
Nabil Hamzeh 4 månader sedan
ImEffigy 4 månader sedan
Protip - Try not to say "So" after every edit and edit between sentences do frequently
Andrian Thompson
Andrian Thompson 4 månader sedan
Buy me a cold beer😂
Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas 4 månader sedan
bid bid bid win
Stogie 4 månader sedan
You should troll a little and duck tape something like a line or a tubing lol. Get you some point on the comment section
Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark 4 månader sedan
I've got a stuffy nose.. I'm plugged up..
Alipshan Hussain
Alipshan Hussain 4 månader sedan
Bro you r so hardworking love from India❤
bnelson313 4 månader sedan
Get the parts car...what’s one more McClaren in your stable...well 1/2 more McClaren in your stable.
Howard Rice
Howard Rice 4 månader sedan
A lot of hard work. Nice job!
Neil 4 månader sedan
Kudos! Great Build. Great video and great talent. Gotta love laying in oil and oil dry (kitty litter). It makes me feel at home. Listen to this exhaust before you change it. Louder is not always better. Sometimes just makes it sound LOUD and CHEAP. McLaren did a lot of research on sound vs flow.
Carl Kwasnjuk
Carl Kwasnjuk 4 månader sedan
Mustang? BMW?
Mike Angelastro
Mike Angelastro 4 månader sedan
It’s going together nice🇺🇸
Pasta TheMechanic
Pasta TheMechanic 4 månader sedan
When you do a swap like this do you swap the vin over or does the new tub have a separate title and vin?
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