The McLaren 720s frame rails are installed - Episode 13

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vTuned garage

3 månader sedan

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Hey Guys , In todays video we put both doors on the McLaren 720s then install a few more parts on the front of the car !
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vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
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Dave Sandford
Dave Sandford 22 dagar sedan
@Jay J add the link to it here then
Jay J
Jay J 23 dagar sedan
@vTuned garage hey this episode 13 is not in your Mclaren 720 playlist, there’s another video(not yours) you mistakenly added
Dave Sandford
Dave Sandford 3 månader sedan
@Firdaus Zain he’s still working on it and got it running as his Instagram account is updated. I’m just waiting to see his next video to see how far he’s got. It’s been ten days since his last video
Firdaus Zain
Firdaus Zain 3 månader sedan
dont tell us the car cant start 😂😂..waiting for next episode
Firdaus Zain
Firdaus Zain 3 månader sedan
@Dave Sandford yeah...i want ask same thing..anything happen dude?
Raman Atkari
Raman Atkari Månad sedan
Love frm India
Sakhiwo Mahanjana
Sakhiwo Mahanjana 2 månader sedan
My brother,you are a superman ❤
oneoone 2 månader sedan
Say something, repeat it 3 a timelapse..then repeat it 3 more times. Per part please!
Mihail M A
Mihail M A 2 månader sedan
congratulations mad respect! for solving this "monstrous puzzle"!
Subhadip dey
Subhadip dey 3 månader sedan
Where is the Mustang ?
Billie Bobthorntown
Billie Bobthorntown 3 månader sedan
Precision frame rail installation tool. Aka big ol chunk of wood.
Allen Anthony
Allen Anthony 3 månader sedan
Good job that’s a lot wires but I got faith in you 😎😎😎
Joe Licha
Joe Licha 3 månader sedan
the goon boys are going to be Jelley lol good job!
Prignon Yves
Prignon Yves 3 månader sedan
Wow impressive, again and again, to be honest when you got your car I though you may have been over your head on this one but, no. You are pulling it off! When I think I'm over my head on something I think about your channel ;) segment the work, make progress little by litte, bit by bit and in the end it make a whole. Good work!
Larry Harris
Larry Harris 3 månader sedan
Tunes my boy what is up haven’t seen a new video this year . Are y’all ok?
Honey Singh
Honey Singh 3 månader sedan
Waiting for the 14th episode
D4 Dominar
D4 Dominar 3 månader sedan
Waiting for episode 14....😊😊
Richard Gray
Richard Gray 3 månader sedan
When is the next update?
malc elwell
malc elwell 3 månader sedan
Hiya from the uk 🇬🇧 when’s the next video out 🙏
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
ziyad gaming
ziyad gaming 3 månader sedan
When will you upload part 14 I am waiting
emil tom philip
emil tom philip 3 månader sedan
Waiting for next episode...🙄 When will it happen..
Michele Yeung
Michele Yeung 3 månader sedan
when new episode??????????
madhawa 3 månader sedan
I waiting for your new video
Salvatore Esquilachi
Salvatore Esquilachi 3 månader sedan
Jack Riseborough
Jack Riseborough 3 månader sedan
I’m here in 2021 guessing it didn’t start...
sintwoOone 3 månader sedan
Did google ban you too?
party parts
party parts 3 månader sedan
Come on where is the new videos get a bit fucking slack do you want to be a fucking SEcycle and get on with it
Dave Penn
Dave Penn 3 månader sedan
Guys at the rate you were Turing out videos it went to a complete stop. I hope you guys are healthy and save. Just waiting patiently for more on the McLaren
Dave Penn
Dave Penn 2 månader sedan
Are you still feeling bad? I hope not. Alot of sick people around
Dave Penn
Dave Penn 3 månader sedan
@vTuned garage get better friend !
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
New video very soon ! Wasn’t feeling that great past few day .
Wayne Grayson
Wayne Grayson 3 månader sedan
Where is a new video
alex guadarrama
alex guadarrama 3 månader sedan
It’s been a week no new video :( Great job tho almost there!!
Jason McCoy
Jason McCoy 3 månader sedan
When are you posting another video on the 720? It’s been a week since anything. Like your Chanel
Eric Marquez
Eric Marquez 3 månader sedan
Ey sube el otro video rápido
Ali kamal zai
Ali kamal zai 3 månader sedan
It's been 10 days we are waiting for a progress video
Eli Richards
Eli Richards 3 månader sedan
Love the content! But what happened to the mustang and the Beemer?
GK 3 månader sedan
Dude u need to put content out !! People gonna go elsewhere its been a week dude ?? U gotta put out at least 2 Vids a week or u not gonna grow and ur not gonna get views or subscribers??? Just saying .... from previous subscriber...
GK 3 månader sedan
My bad bro.:(
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
Sorry I was sick last few days :/
Timm White
Timm White 3 månader sedan
When is the next video being posted? Been a minute since I've seen a new one.
ANSAR PASHA 3 månader sedan
Time gap between consecutive vedios are too.....long 😪
kik Urass
kik Urass 3 månader sedan
New videos please.
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor 3 månader sedan
Great job your are doing mate from Austrailia I'm waiting for episode 14
suhail moola
suhail moola 3 månader sedan
Waiting for u to upload new vid, wana see it start and run bro
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
The parts are all almost in ! New Video Soon !
jaafar mhmd
jaafar mhmd 3 månader sedan
where our new video man we are so excited !!
Ryan Knowles
Ryan Knowles 3 månader sedan
When is the new video coming out.
juankelly1004 3 månader sedan
What up with the next video bro??? Enjoying this series!
Chef Ryan Gark
Chef Ryan Gark 3 månader sedan
Bro! Do some episodes on the E30!
Max Headroom
Max Headroom 3 månader sedan
Id repair that front piece it only holds the ancillaries on, the front bumper and repair the door skin. Recycling is good
Thomas Diersch
Thomas Diersch 3 månader sedan
great progress man
Vinod Veeranki
Vinod Veeranki 3 månader sedan
Excited hopefully soon on the roads 🛣️
Salvatore Esquilachi
Salvatore Esquilachi 3 månader sedan
Wat its de new video ???????
aidan david
aidan david 3 månader sedan
Francisco Carlos Borges
Francisco Carlos Borges 3 månader sedan
Whats the new vídeos?? 🙌🤷‍♂️
Condorwatch 3 månader sedan
turn that old tub into a badass racing sim
Laone Drop
Laone Drop 3 månader sedan
When are we getting the E30 videos 😭😭😭💔
SARSteam Railways
SARSteam Railways 3 månader sedan
I was looking around the net for the Wiring diagram for your car but found it very expensive but what I did find was the Owners manual you can download for free Otherwise, you are doing awesome man :) Here is a link for the exhaust system install: Keep strong
Martin Montes
Martin Montes 3 månader sedan
Allan & Maureen Macintyre
Allan & Maureen Macintyre 3 månader sedan
Christiaan Sparidaens
Christiaan Sparidaens 3 månader sedan
Happy New year, to you and crew
Jarsky 3 månader sedan
undoing brake lines without a flare wrench got me 😮
Heidi and Franny's Garage
Heidi and Franny's Garage 3 månader sedan
What a ginormous puzzle! Looks like it is well engineered. You will be in the road in no time!
David Kays (Consultant)
David Kays (Consultant) 3 månader sedan
vTuned- Are you going off of a manual? How do you figure this stuff out??
sandra folsom
sandra folsom 3 månader sedan
No doubt these McLarens are cool cars but they do seem cheaply made.
Andy San Diego
Andy San Diego 3 månader sedan
A friend of mine had a 2019 Volcano Orange McLaren. It had to go back to the dealer service/repair so many times he traded it for a Huracan (and promptly blew out 2 front tires on different days, hitting potholes; those ribbons are so thin).
Pragay Shourya Moudgil
Pragay Shourya Moudgil 3 månader sedan
I was hoping you start the beast in this episode but we'll have to wait for next episode
Tref J
Tref J 3 månader sedan
Great videos, but please please please use a torque wrench. You said once it was done off-camera, but I really am not sure to believe you as you show one part being fitted on top of another etc.
hassyim mohd
hassyim mohd 3 månader sedan
I think the car will done in episode 20 or 22
Blessed Beast
Blessed Beast 3 månader sedan
Great video!
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 3 månader sedan
Looks fantastic. Good luck on the rack. Hopefully you can save the door as well.
Charles Lewis
Charles Lewis 3 månader sedan
I definitely about l enjoy the McLaren content, but when are we going to get mustang videos?
Juan Magallanes
Juan Magallanes 3 månader sedan
Mustang project? 🤔
John Valukievic
John Valukievic 3 månader sedan
In transit. Famous last words of usps. Hopefully you’re not using them. You’ll be waiting. On the other hand car is coming along. Looking good!
stick004 3 månader sedan
I like to imagine the British chaps who assemble these in a clean room watching this on their lunch break laughing their asses of as he bangs a frame rail in with a large chunk of wood...
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
Br Cc
Br Cc 3 månader sedan
You need a professional tool supplier to sponsor you with these types of projects. You're very skilled but the job could be much easier with the proper tools.
Nitro 187
Nitro 187 3 månader sedan
My F5 key is worn-out on my keyboard.... Can't wait for the next episode! :)
Phil 3 månader sedan
God forbid he passes this onto someone else with just the bolts tightened with a power wrench and no bolts torqued to required settings. This is totally wrong on all fronts SAFETY being the major one.
Phil 3 månader sedan
@vTuned garage You need to make sure that happens because if you pass this car onto someone else and they seriously hurt themselves they will have a great claim on you for damages complete with videos of the negligent build.
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
I’m gonna torque everything to spec I can seem to find the specs for it
Silver Ice Cream
Silver Ice Cream 3 månader sedan
Tavarish VS Vtuned: who will finish the McLaren first?
Tony B
Tony B 3 månader sedan
Hey VTuned... Why dont you stop building cars, Buy an old BARN then do 1000 videos of you painting gutters, cutting down trees and sanding floors!! I would love that!
James Weaver
James Weaver 3 månader sedan
Car Reviews by M A 7
Car Reviews by M A 7 3 månader sedan
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CreekThaGray12 3 månader sedan
would be nice to see them torque to spec and talk about how some bolts are one time use. If on track that could end in the wall.
2SSRS 5th Gen
2SSRS 5th Gen 3 månader sedan
Still here watching from Uncle Sam and Fasterproms
Car Reviews by M A 7
Car Reviews by M A 7 3 månader sedan
McLaren 675 LT Coupe Review
Robert Prout
Robert Prout 3 månader sedan
Lookin Good gotta love it when things start coming together 👍 yesireebob
Car Reviews by M A 7
Car Reviews by M A 7 3 månader sedan
McLaren 675 LT Coupe Review
Carguy 47
Carguy 47 3 månader sedan
frederic rike
frederic rike 3 månader sedan
I guess this time you buy the BBQ. The 550 cranked and ran- dag nabbit! That's alright- can't wait to see Yuri's eyes when the McL lays down that F1 scream! No lie, I was wondering at the start if you had bit off into $200000 worth of door stops!Nothing stops VTuned! Enjoy the BBQ! Did the CNC cookie cutter go boom?
nazzar hussain
nazzar hussain 3 månader sedan
what is your name vtuned
Car Reviews by M A 7
Car Reviews by M A 7 3 månader sedan
McLaren 675 LT Coupe Review
josian rodriguez
josian rodriguez 3 månader sedan
fraser mcbay
fraser mcbay 3 månader sedan
Cracking vid gadge
Ace stringer
Ace stringer 3 månader sedan
Fire that puppy up soon...nice work man! I see you determine...kool! Good luck on the rest!
Flo 3 månader sedan
do you have the rona?
Jeff Mac
Jeff Mac 3 månader sedan
Wow, growing subs FAST, Congrats and you don't even have to flip tools while you work for SEcycle content.
Joseph Kessinger
Joseph Kessinger 3 månader sedan
Are you waiting for stuff for the mustang? just wondering also if you get more views for this build as opposed to the stang? Thanks for the videos Ben!
javier castro
javier castro 3 månader sedan
Hat's off to anyone who can take apart a complex jigsaw puzzle and put it back together again !!!
aXBlackDeathXa 3 månader sedan
Sounds to me you need Ebay Motors to sponsor you :)
vinnidafool 3 månader sedan
Hope to see your mclaren burn some rubber at the new goonzquad headquarters
Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert 3 månader sedan
You're amazing, even with Harbor Freight tools!!!
Carl Kwasnjuk
Carl Kwasnjuk 3 månader sedan
Mclaren looks awesome! What happened to the Mustang and BMW?
Captain_Context 3 månader sedan
Who wants to get a random box of stuff in the mail every month for a subscription. How weird.
Concepts 3 månader sedan
If you send this doo to me i can fixed it
Chicharito Nguyễn
Chicharito Nguyễn 3 månader sedan
hóng ngày hoàn chỉnh 100% giỏi lắm em trai của anh
AJ Gaming
AJ Gaming 3 månader sedan
This is one of the long videos I want to watch completely without skipping
G Bush
G Bush 3 månader sedan
Hey my friend, where's your 1966 Ford Mustang? Are your relinquished this project?
Steve Samuel
Steve Samuel 3 månader sedan
Oh man this guys work is absolutely insane and incredible , man Vtuned you just flew through this build . Yep this was one of the best parts of this build of assembling all back together , just bolt on's , but the wiring job is a nightmare for me , I would definitely mess that up I would always need some professional help on somethin' like that :) , congrats man you are just growin' and movin' right along dude and you knocked it off this tough build with your talent and knowledge and yet you are so cute!!!! Love the excellent content with excellent quality and music hands off to the camera guy as well . Stay safe and blessed bro and Happy New Year to y'all guys!!! :)
Jason Voorhees Costumes
Jason Voorhees Costumes 3 månader sedan
Always ship FedEx or UPS. Usps will misplace your items or delay the hell out of them.
John Menna
John Menna 3 månader sedan
Patience and persistence, “This is the way”
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez 3 månader sedan
Where's the mustang?
infoslinger 3 månader sedan
This is impressive. Its been a huge undertaking! Good job on the video aspect as well.
Orlando Melendez
Orlando Melendez 3 månader sedan
Happy New Year vTuned garage and Family and Everyone GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
spitzndtruth 1
spitzndtruth 1 3 månader sedan
Smart young man
justvettn 3 månader sedan
You sound like you have the WuhFlu
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