The McLaren 720s is READY to start - Episode 12

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vTuned garage

3 månader sedan

Hey Guys , In todays video we completely reinstall the whole interior on my McLaren 720s!
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Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell 15 dagar sedan
Just superb, you can be very proud of your (considerable) efforts... 👍👍
Quân Bảo
Quân Bảo Månad sedan
You're so amazing good job👏
bobby witcher
bobby witcher 2 månader sedan
looking good!
mikerzisu 2 månader sedan
I mean, it has to be exciting to do this and see it all come together. But I wonder how much money he had lost here. Has to be 10s of thousands, if not 100s of thousands. Not to mention this thing will have all sorts of issues after it is complete... most likely can not trust it to be stable with everything that has been changed
Rayo Marte
Rayo Marte 2 månader sedan
It is so relaxing to see you work on this car. Thanks and keep up the good tons of work you’re doing. I wish more kids your age could see the type of stuff you do and serve as an inspiration. So many kids end up doing bad things on life. Mostly because they don’t have the exposure and tools you have.
oneoone 2 månader sedan
I haven't saw him check the frame of this car once. After a smash this big it's 100% twisted
Nasir Mansor
Nasir Mansor 2 månader sedan
This guy is a genius
Andy Helfrich
Andy Helfrich 2 månader sedan
What kind of cleaning spray do you use on the interior?
Paraschiv Marius
Paraschiv Marius 2 månader sedan
I really enjoy watching every second of these series and you are doing a very good job. Congrats, man, when you want something you just get it! And McLaren 720s is my favorite as well.
Leroy R53
Leroy R53 3 månader sedan
Josh has some skills great work on the dash restore
mike bjork
mike bjork 3 månader sedan
Very talented just crazy knowledge when it comes to rebuilding cars
Ontario Cruz
Ontario Cruz 3 månader sedan
Osama Khaan
Osama Khaan 3 månader sedan
Where is new episode????
musclemachines 3 månader sedan
What happened to ??? Still out there?? Nothing posted for awhile??
Michael Sweat
Michael Sweat 3 månader sedan
Can’t wait on the next video!! When will it be coming out.
Claudiu Gardelli
Claudiu Gardelli 3 månader sedan
Dude, you're fucking mental! I can't believe you put all this shit together.
CHUDHUCKER 3 månader sedan
That was a lot of work, great job! After seeing this I am still puzzled on why they cost so much? I know they build them low volume and that really is the only way to explain the price because a lot of things look like they were designed as an afterthought. Oh, I would be scared to touch one as they seem so fragile.
bob Manzi77
bob Manzi77 3 månader sedan
First of all I'd like to say happy New Year thank you for a year of great content enjoyed every moment hope hope to see a 2021 year of same thanks again
William van Gils
William van Gils 3 månader sedan
Envious in a good way 👍
Christopher Harbon
Christopher Harbon 3 månader sedan
Getting closer can't wait to see it finished 👍
Josh 3 månader sedan
You going to make the side of the tub exposed carbon like you said was on the original spec?
omgwow loldang
omgwow loldang 3 månader sedan
Wonder when the goon boys are gonna get their hands on one of these
Phil 3 månader sedan
Don't you own a torque wrench. And please do things correctly and use the correct fitting spanners on the bolts. I was taught there is only one way to do a job and that's correctly. But well done for getting this car back together !!
Daniel Lindkvist
Daniel Lindkvist 3 månader sedan
Episode 13??? 😇😇
Dana Varney
Dana Varney 3 månader sedan
What can I say, I had to subscribe, very impressive - mad skills!!!
Kenny Dimitra
Kenny Dimitra 3 månader sedan
no panties day 13:49 lol sorry dude you forgot it, next time carefully hahaha
Jagath Pathirana
Jagath Pathirana 3 månader sedan
Hello I,am in sri lanka I can,t wait to see your next video
The Lopergizer
The Lopergizer 3 månader sedan
VTuned, looking awesome, brother. I like the CF idea for the gauged dash cover. What would you think of CF wrapping all of the clipped dash covers. I think it would look sick! Either way, I know you've got awesome taste. Looking forward to your first cold start and test drive.
Jorge Inostroza
Jorge Inostroza 3 månader sedan
amazing job man !!! you are killing it
Michael Sweat
Michael Sweat 3 månader sedan
When is the new video going to come out?
Brandon Law
Brandon Law 3 månader sedan
"Pretty much"
3D printing Timelaps
3D printing Timelaps 3 månader sedan
steve ash
steve ash 3 månader sedan
V tune... You gained a few pounds sinse I saw you last dude lol crimbo food I bet right!! 😂😂👍
Korwin Ortiz
Korwin Ortiz 3 månader sedan
Right now McLaren executives are saying who it’s this Vtuned ,your worst nightmare.
Anh Minh
Anh Minh 3 månader sedan
Mustang 1966 .....??????
Martin Montes
Martin Montes 3 månader sedan
GLASSFILM 3 månader sedan
why wouldnt you wipe down all interior pieces before instalation. gonna be lotta dirt under the seams
AT music
AT music 3 månader sedan
19:10 did you hear it?
AT music
AT music 3 månader sedan
AT music
AT music 3 månader sedan
Now this is restoration!
AT music
AT music 3 månader sedan
Your cameraman is amazing and your editor has awesome music tastes!
Irecycle Usa
Irecycle Usa 3 månader sedan
Where the next video on this !!??
Michael Brink
Michael Brink 3 månader sedan
When is the next video coming out?
Shivam Saha
Shivam Saha 3 månader sedan
I love this part i am waiting for next episode
Glady sanane
Glady sanane 3 månader sedan
Please do a 0-100 kmh speed test. I am sure it will be below original mclarens since this is the lightest one after repair :))
Paljor Wangchen
Paljor Wangchen 3 månader sedan
waiting next episode 13
R T 3 månader sedan
Pointless, good effort but this car will never drive like it was built. SO the only value is how it looks , no way would i trust to drive this like a super car .
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies 3 månader sedan
Fun fact: vTuned has his intro music playing in his car. On repeat. Constantly.
Jeff Digital
Jeff Digital 3 månader sedan
Fact: This car would have been done 2 months ago, but Vtuned spends too much time at the barber shop 😁
Sean Dorn
Sean Dorn 3 månader sedan
Wear a mask when cutting that carbon fiber. There is a chance that stuff may be as bad as asbestos. I’m sure it’s annoying when people have to chime in with their 2 cents, but man it would be irresponsible if I didn’t, in case you didn’t know
cash rules
cash rules 3 månader sedan
omg i cant wait to see it when its done. i look up too u man i started my channel check it "gio autolife " keep up the great work
Racerx 3 månader sedan
Looking good, keep up the good work
Michael,Kellie Johnson
Michael,Kellie Johnson 3 månader sedan
We always look forward to your videos. Been committed fans for a long time. Great work and video quality has come light years ahead !! Keep it up, please !!!!!!!!!!!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 3 månader sedan
Trey Dempsey
Trey Dempsey 3 månader sedan
Great job, but can you pretty much say "pretty much" only once per video. edit: Seriously, fantastic work, and i was joking. :-)
Matt T
Matt T 3 månader sedan
This car is just like a big lego technic set to Vtuned :) 8:25
Carl Kwasnjuk
Carl Kwasnjuk 3 månader sedan
BMW? Mustang? What happened to them?
claus frennessen
claus frennessen 3 månader sedan
Hi !! The mustang??? Okay 👌🏻 fan Sweden 🇸🇪
Rehan Younas
Rehan Younas 3 månader sedan
what a come up! lovin this!!
Tony B
Tony B 3 månader sedan
Nothing like rounding off that Seat Bolt.. Lol Car looks FIRE!
Fix It Daniel
Fix It Daniel 3 månader sedan
Great job can't wait to see it running and driving.
wtman007 3 månader sedan
Do have build drawings? Or is this just from experience? Fan from Denmark!!!
Rodney B
Rodney B 3 månader sedan
Does anyone know the product spray can he uses to wipe the interior with. If so, where do you buy it from? Thanks
CrsTFR 3 månader sedan
Tony W
Tony W 3 månader sedan
9:32 should have fabricated a custom USB-C panel. Love your channel !!
Backyardbangers 3 månader sedan
What bs. Not ready to start. Clickbait!
steve jansen
steve jansen 3 månader sedan
You should make a see through rear cover on the rear parcel shelf so you can see the engine. Just a thought.
steve jansen
steve jansen 3 månader sedan
Nice to see daddy V Tune in your video😊
Dragstrip Farm
Dragstrip Farm 3 månader sedan
somebody needs to learn how to put cars together
ltseven 3 månader sedan
Respect bro
JojoGamer224 XXL
JojoGamer224 XXL 3 månader sedan
Please vtuned change the color of this car
James Neidel
James Neidel 3 månader sedan
Check out these super car crashes before you drive yours.
lmao chris
lmao chris 3 månader sedan
any more episodes after this one was really enjoying this young dude on this project to rebuild a maclaren 720 S
Brad Hardy
Brad Hardy 3 månader sedan
Them yellow seatbelts look dam good lol
Alex Wildner
Alex Wildner 3 månader sedan
insane job so far!
Saudi Stevo
Saudi Stevo 3 månader sedan
I'm wondering if anyone from McLaren is watching this? If so, what do you think?
Will Adams
Will Adams 3 månader sedan
Can someone buy this man a torque wrench?
James Weaver
James Weaver 3 månader sedan
sintwoOone 3 månader sedan
Whoever is filming and editing for you Vtuned is really doing a great job.
Efrain Mendoza
Efrain Mendoza 3 månader sedan
Looking real sweet, can't wait to hear it rip 🤙
R Poston
R Poston 3 månader sedan
Still interesting to watch. Still painful to listen to. Hope all the VINs match.
David B 0126a
David B 0126a 3 månader sedan
You've done a FANTASTIC job rebuilding the McLaren! Nothing short of amazing. What also amazes me is the mediocre materials and original build quality of this car. It cost $300K+ new and it has tons of plastic, faulty parts installation, etc. I realize it has a carbon fiber tub and many other carbon fiber parts, a very cool, high HP engine and lots of electronic gadgets, but for $300K it should be absolutely bullet proof and built to last. Don't get me wrong at all, I'm VERY impressed with your work. Just not impressed with McLaren's work.
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates 3 månader sedan
There’s almost NOTHING LEFT of the car! You inspired me. I think I’m gonna go in my garage and build a Lamborghini from some scrap metal.
chris_gpvd 3 månader sedan
This guy is a master, amazing job! Looking forward to you driving it! Looks like it will be done very soon!
Loui Latchford
Loui Latchford 3 månader sedan
You should build a racing simulator out of ur old tub
RC trucks Off-road
RC trucks Off-road 3 månader sedan
I love the way yall make it look easy and quick
Andrey Starovoytov
Andrey Starovoytov 3 månader sedan
Now, this McLaren is truly a hand built car, Alex can actually put a placard on it with his name.
Eatongee 3 månader sedan
I would be cool to turn that crashed tub into a gaming rig.
Ángel Martin
Ángel Martin 3 månader sedan
El Pulpero. Excelente trabajo.👍🇪🇸👌
Gert De Kock
Gert De Kock 3 månader sedan
You really got big balls , well done.
Mike Angelastro
Mike Angelastro 3 månader sedan
Nice 🇺🇸
Evill Dead
Evill Dead 3 månader sedan
Vtune is a straight up pimp! Talking like he’s working on a Honda Accord. He’s making it better than OEM. Amazing work!!
Ronnie Mugambi
Ronnie Mugambi 3 månader sedan
I’m still stuck with putting up my Xmas trees two days after Xmas is gone while Vtuned is almost done putting together a mclaren puzzle. Daaang son.
Max Reps
Max Reps 3 månader sedan
Keep up the Great work you are awesome! I been seeing all your videos since the beginning of your SEcycle Channel.. awesome Content 👌 🆒️ 🙌
Jono Willetts
Jono Willetts 3 månader sedan
Great job!! You've got some terrific skills for a young guy. Kudos to you fella.
Eugene Polschikov
Eugene Polschikov 3 månader sedan
awesome build!
Come Dumont
Come Dumont 3 månader sedan
perfect men ! just ... ALWAYS torque to the right spec every bolts and nuts ! Scares me when i see you slip on the tightening of your safety belt bolt ... torque it ! not just assume it :p
Idrissa Dembele
Idrissa Dembele 3 månader sedan
I will spend 3 years doing this lol 😆
Fireboy Fj
Fireboy Fj 3 månader sedan
wow..awesome rebuild bro
HansB57 3 månader sedan
Ah.... Vtuned also has a talking dad, just like Goonzquad. Now I can subscribe.
Ian Murchie
Ian Murchie 3 månader sedan
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